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Using Return on Investment to Drive Sales Performance

Delivering Sales Training is about making a measurable and sustainable difference in outputs, behaviours and in alignment with corporate sales goals and strategies.

At Morton Kyle, we are as driven to get results from your team as you are.

Your success means we know we have done a great job for you.

To do this we work very hard to understand how your team are currently performing in situ, and what they are doing that is both positively and negatively impacting on success.

Much research has been done recently looking at the high impact stages within a sales presentation (face to face and telephone), and we have tailored our sales assessment tools and training delivery modules to reflect this.

This means we tackle the issues that are currently preventing you getting the sales results you need, we don’t waste your time and budget addressing meaningless aspects of the sales process. We focus on fixing the areas that are costing you money, market share and growth.

What does this mean for your organisation and the sales training your team will receive?

Better Budget Realisation – We won’t waste your budget covering the things your team are already great at.

Fine Tuned Design and Delivery – There will be no padding in the sales course – every element is designed to get you the results you want and expect

Expectations – We sit down with you before we design the course and decide what improvements you need – in hard figures

Knowledge Transfer – We engage your Managers and Team Leaders in full knowledge transfer so that your program has longevity in the workplace

Ongoing Management Support – We translate all of our programs into ongoing monitoring balanced score cards for Sales Managers and Team Leaders to use during the following 12 months, supported via regular coaching and mentoring sessions with managers

We encourage Managers and Team Leaders to take responsibility for continual evaluation of the training and also encourage the sales team to build their own portfolio of evidenced skills.

Training any sales team is a challenge, working with us you will get a Business Partner who:

Cares about your teams success as much as you do, we will:

Proactively help you and take responsibility for increasing margins, conversions, effectiveness and ROI

Ensure that the skills become part of how you do business

Up skill the Sales Managers and Team Leaders so they can continue to coach, mentor and develop your staff

Get better quality, long term results from your Sales Training Budget – call us for an informal chat and we will help you see how.

Carol Griffiths

Director and Principal Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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