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Goal Setting for the Successful Sales Team

Who’s hitting their sales target?

Everyone in the sales team I hope…..

From my experience, those that aren’t can usually look at one of the following reasons as a possible cause:

  • Resistance to setting and committing to firm goals
  • Absence of a routine action plan that will consistently allow them to move towards achieving the goals
  • Giving up too early – losing the faith
  • The sales person fears success
  • Success can be defined in many ways.

Unfortunately, one sure way a sales person has of never feeling that sense of disappointment in their own ability to achieve is to make sure that they never set out a plan of what success may look like for them

Without a plan – their can be no success, conversely there can be no failure.

Makes the role of a Sales Manager especially tough, that’s why encouraging the sales team to set their own personal and professional goals is absolutely vital.

The next step for the Sales Manager is the frequent reinforcement of what success will mean for the sales person….whatever the sales persons definition of success is.

Get the sales person on the Success Cycle and addiction will kick in!!

I encourage the sales team to:

  • Write their sales goals down by day, week, month, quarterly, yearly
  • To review their own performance against goals on a regular basis – minimum weekly, ideally daily
  • Not worry about how far they seem to be away from their goals, instead just to get them to start setting goals
  • Have a mix of short term, stepping stone goals as well as some wildly audacious goals
  • Be open to asking for help if they feel themselves going off track
  • Form a relationship with a mentor who they feel they can connect with and derive inspiration, motivation and wisdom from
  • Continually reframe goals that have ceased to motivate them any more
  • Continually review how they are spending their time – is their time management allowing them to move towards their goals or causing them to move away from their goals
  • Review the size and scope of the goals – sometimes it is the BIG and SCARY Goals that will galvanise positive activity and introduce urgency
  • In any one time period – i.e. daily, monthly etc, only ever have three goals. Any more than 3 goals will compromise the focus of achieving anything.

Be aware and guard against divisionary or displacement activities.

Sales people are people too!! The motivations that make them good sales people probably make them equally driven outside of the office/sales environment…. immense power can be harnessed by the Sales Manager being able to positively direct and utilise the two forces.

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths

0779 002 1885

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