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Minimising the Risks In Recruiting Sales Staff

You may be recruiting for your internal sales team or your external sales team….either way the risks are the same and the risks are high.

You are interviewing the professional interviewee, and the question is: how do you know that you have really interviewed the long term employee and not the chameleon that can deliver during the interview but will ultimately fail in the role?

To minimise the risks associated with the recruitment of sales people could save your company many thousands of pounds.

The costs of getting sales recruitment wrong are huge – it’s not just the cost of the salary, the cost to train the new recruit, the cost to subsidise them during the first few months…the biggest hit is in the damage it does to the sales pipeline, the brand, the ability to forecast as well as the growth that your competitors enjoy whilst you have a poorly performing sales person in the field.

Our program Minimising the Risks Involved in Recruiting Sales People is designed as a practical hands on, what to do guide to recruiting the best sales people for you.

We will cover the following:

  • How to attract the sales people you really want to employ
  • Recruitment criteria – job and person specification – and how to use them to improve the sales recruitment process
  • Communication and interviewing skills
  • Improving the efficiency of your recruitment process – getting better results faster
  • The 7 stages of good sales recruitment including Telephone Interviewing and Face to Face Interviewing
  • The 7 things you shouldn’t do during the sales recruitment process
  • How to use behavioural interview questions
  • Pitfalls to avoid during the interview process – splitting candidate’s fact from fiction
  • What candidates say and what they mean
  • How to use sales recruitment process to assess how the candidate will perform after 6 months
  • Social recruitment criteria
  • Screening programs and how to use the information they provide to improve the interview process
  • Being fair – the first 90 days
  • Designing and testing a sales recruitment process that works for you

This is a highly interactive course that is suitable for anyone who is involved in the recruitment of sales people including Team Leaders, Managers, Business Owners and Office Managers

Attendees on the course will have a thorough practical and operational understanding of how to recruit great sales people and minimise the risks associated with such an important appointment by using a variety of skills and interviewing techniques within a structured recruitment and interview process.

Join us in Sheffield on a monthly basis – see the open calendar tab for the next dates.

£450 plus VAT per attendee, book before 29th Sept and get 20% discount.

Alternatively if you wish to discuss running this program as an internal course for your staff, please call Carol Griffiths on 0779 002 1885 or email

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