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Spotting Sales Triggers

Proactive Lead Generation needs a good hunter mentality
Proactive Lead Generation is the route to Accelerated Sales Growth

Spotting Sales Triggers: Proactive Lead Generation

Would you like to know when to approach your prospect at just the time they are ready to purchase your products or services?

For those of you who just reread that statement and muttered Doh!! under your breath…then I make no apology for what comes next….

Maybe a well structured sales team would know exactly the right time to approach a prospect, know when the prospect was in the market to buy, and know the decision-making process and the buying criteria.

That’s what well structured sales teams do.

That’s one of the most important things they do.

How focussed is your sales team on proactive lead generation?

The easiest and fastest way to know is to look at their sales forecast.

A sales forecast is a great predictor of how good your sales person is in the field of proactive lead generation.

Peaks and toughs in terms of sales results?

Inaccurate sales forecasts?

Relying on ‘lucky’ breaks?

All key signs that you’re working with a farmer more than a hunter.

And for proactive lead generation you definitely need a hunter!

Proactive lead generation – the stark truth

If you have a sale team that can prospect regularly, thoroughly and commercially, diligently, consistently and intelligently, you have a sales team that will succeed.

You see, just the mentality of being a great sales prospector, a sales person who sees the benefits of proactive lead generation means one thing:

”You have someone who will go out there and make things happen, instead of someone who waits for the phone to ring or the email to come in”

The sales world needs more people who are committed to proactive lead generation.

So: here’s a quick guide showing why you might consider creating your own proactive lead generation campaign:

Lesson 1 – knowledge is power…if you’re still busy running after all sorts of prospects, of dubious quality and commitment – then stop now.

Lesson 2 – Don’t leave it until the last-minute, build the relationship when there is NO CHANCE on earth that they will work with you, that puts you in pole position when the incumbent falls over…..and they always do…..

However, back to the question – how much does your sales team know about the buying triggers and events that cause a prospect to buy from you?

Not simply talking about when the existing supplier falls foul…..

You see, for every industry there will be certain individual trigger points – for example if you’re selling office furniture then the triggers may be very simple – refurbishment, office moves, expansion, insurance refit, new recruits joining, offices merging etc…..

It’s not always so easy to predict in other industries – what about selling accountancy services? Or selling print? Financial Services?

Is it really so hit and miss or can we narrow the odds, improve sales conversion and save valuable prospecting time?

Here are some key semi – generic triggers:

Change of personnel/buyer/decision maker – often means a re-pitching /re-tendering as the new person wants to establish their authority

Investment in the company? MBO/VC/Merger/Takeover – often means big change – change causes turbulence – uncertainty is an opportunity for the norm to be forgotten, boundaries can be reset

New product launches – again possibly indicates there is extra budget available to support different activities

Coming up to year end – Jan to March should be aggressively proactive in the number of prospects calls being made to capitalise on the ‘I have to spend it this year or I lose it’ situation

The trouble with generic sales prospecting triggers is that everyone can benefit from them; more sales luck than judgement.

You need to use your sales team and the market intelligence they pick up all day and every day to allow you to start identifying what your SPECIFIC BUYING AND SALES PROSPECTING TRIGGERS are.

Questions you may want to ask; thinking specifically about new business wins over the last quarter:

  • Why did the client buy from you?
  • What happened in their business that caused them to want to purchase your products or services?
  • Was this a planned event or a random event?
  • How often does this event happen?

Also you may want to ask:

  • Before you placed your business with us – who else did you consider buying from?
  • What was the key reason you selected our company?
  • Why did they de-select the competitors?

Do you let the sales person that secured the business gather this information?

No – get it done independently and get it done very quickly after the first sales is made/product delivered – information sourced and analysis done externally – this is valuable information that can be very powerful, you need to remove any bias.

Happy Sales Prospecting

If you want to find out how to build a highly qualified sales pipeline – drop us and line and we will send you details of our inhouse and open workshops that will help you really get a handle on what your sales pipeline could look like.

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