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Disruptive Selling – A Shot in the Sales Pipeline

  • Are you coming out of the last quarter or the last year finding that your market has changed considerably or is in the process of changing?
  • That being unique is now much harder than it ever was before?
  • And delivering value added propositions and great customer service are now the norm for your surviving competitors?
  • Maybe your margins are being squeezed to such an extent that selling more to stay still is becoming unproductive?
  • Alternatively you may simply want to quickly and dramatically change the company sales prospects and pipeline and get ahead of the competition.

If so, then Disruptive Selling will give you the shot you need.

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What is Disruptive Selling?

It is a plan, strategy, action that is sufficiently bold, unique, attention grabbing, provoking, controversial and engaging to create a sustained reaction, internally and externally, that results in increased sales.

Here are some questions to work through with your sales team to start you on your way…

1. What are you actually selling?

Ask this question of your sales team and see what they come back with. Chances are what your sales team think they are selling and what your customers are actually buying will be poles apart. This is essentially a reframing activity. Using this new reframed understanding of what is being sold can set the creative powers in play. This question should seek to shrink the gap between the sales person and the customer, and get the sales team thinking like the customers and customer groups

2. Who do you think you can sell the reframed proposition to?

How many can you sell, to what organisations, over what period, at what margin, on what basis, with what terms?

Lots of questions, the key here is to make the goals as big as possible – in fact, the bigger the better. This does require management to be fully on board, enabling this major shift in action, sometimes direction, motivation and commitment.

This is as appropriate for products and services as it is for high and low ticket items. What’s crucial here is an invigorated sense of purpose, commitment and action towards a reframed pitch, new market, and new goal.

And lastly,

3. What ammunition does this reframed pitch have against the competition?

Whilst any professional organisation or sale person will back off from openly disrespecting the competition, there is still a need to find some key differentiators that mean you are not in a ‘me too’ race.

The differentiators can be many and varied from the commitment and energy of the sales team, to the guarantees given, the turnaround, and a selection of other elements – the key is to get the sales team to use this question to identify the differentiators that will squash the competition and protect margin.

Disruptive selling needs disruptive action – so sales management have a strong part to play in driving the change. Altering behaviours, keeping energy levels high, being actively involved, celebrating success and communicating constantly. It is crucial the manager is capable of positively driving performance and enhancing the drive and motivation that exists in sales teams to succeed.

The action needs to be long term, sustained, big, bold, boastful, competitive, and proactive. It is take no prisoners, flat out selling.

Payback? Not only will the order book expand, the sales pipeline will be greatly enriched, motivation will rocket and it’s a great way to really understand the potential and capabilities of the sales team.

Contact Us: if you are thinking that disruptive selling may work for you, please call me Carol Griffiths on 0779 002 1885 for an informal chat.

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