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Increasing Donor Value using Social Proofing

I’m currently working with a major worldwide charity to increase donor contributions. It’s a fascinating and illuminating insight into a world where the offering appears minimal but the emotional commitment that must be invoked before a financial commitment can be made, is huge.

We are using lots of techniques in many different ways and seeing some really positive results from all of them.

One of the most productive and profitable techniques for increasing charitable donations has been from using social proofing…even more rewarding for us all was that these techniques brought in results immediately.

Not only are we seeing an increase in donor numbers we are also seeing an increase in the amount of money that is donated by each individual.

We are systematically building a sustainable bank of donors for the future.

We all use social proofing and have done for such a long time, we often forget about it as a sales conversion technique.

Interestingly, the people on the program were all very experienced charity employees, but were not experienced sales people…to date, it would be fair to say that they had been successful using their enthusiasm, natural communication skills and passion to convert and gain donations.

I felt very privileged to help them build their skill set and I look forward to helping them scale even greater heights over the coming years

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