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Recruiting Sales People – The Cost of the Revolving Door

Recruiting Sales People – Watch Out!!

The role of sales person has changed wildly over the last few years – no longer is the sales person the ‘go get the order’ person, they are now part of a very important customer feedback loop that may see them, at any one time, playing the part of marketing executive, researcher, peace maker, analyst, planner, credit controller, client friend and administrator.

Add into the mix that customer loyalty is not a given any more, off the shelf solution are rarely an option, prices are being squeezed as competitors try to buy business in, and the sales cycles can require much higher levels of engagement and involvement….

Exhausting isn’t it?

Why should this concern you?

This diversity of role can cause real issues in finding resilient sales people who can perform the additional roles and still focus on bringing in the business

(I have often seen sales people use exactly this diversity of activities as reasons why their figures are not expected – have they had a valid case? – Usually yes, to a degree – they would have had to be exceptional to operate at target with the diversity of their role and client demands)

The challenge is – how do you construct a process to recruit a sales super star, a good all rounder who can sell and cope with the prevailing challenges?

Maybe the reality is the revolving door on the sales office – and that is a reality for some organisations… a reality not an option.

The truth is that the cost of getting it wrong can never be under estimated and may extend way beyond the basic salary, guaranteed commission, car, and training.

Factor in the costs of poor pipeline management and forecasting, potential brand damage, over long sales cycles, poor negotiation skills, lost opportunities and competitor growth and you can see how the cost of poor recruitment can really hit the company bottom line.

In some industries with long sales cycles – 6 months of employing the wrong sales person can take several years to recover from and cost heavily.

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