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Recruit on Skills and Fire on Attitude?

Ring any bells?

Keeping things simple is a firmly held believe of mine… the more simple an action is the easier it will be to do, the more people will buy into it, typically taking less time and with less mistakes, easier to form a habit and less checking needed….see it’s simple.

So when I’m called into organisations that are suffering with low staff retention, my first two questions are:

On what basis are you recruiting your staff, what criteria?

On what basis are you firing your staff, what criteria?

I always hope that their responses will be the same to both questions, as this means at least we have consistency and that perhaps it’s the testing model that needs to change….no such luck.

What typically transpires is that organisations are recruiting using a competency based framework, or recruiting someone with an active address book, years of industry experience – all valid and understandable reasons to engage a new member of staff.

However, the same organisations are finding themselves usually in a position of making the termination decision based on attitude.

I am a strong advocate of complementing some of the competency based recruitment methods with a more proactive recruitment process.

Whilst the BBC Apprentice program makes me cringe, I do like the interview episode where each candidate is seen by the associates of Sir Alan. A multi-interview with many contributors, with different agendas and tasks can take time, effort and some degree of co-ordination…however the cost of getting sales recruitment wrong is well documented, and the benefits of having a working a stable sales team are proven.

Small price to pay to halt the revolving door on the sales office.

Carol Griffiths – Director and Principal Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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