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Aspiring Millionaires Wanted

Anyone in sales can be a millionaire…… oh wait, that’s a lie.

Anyone in any job can be a millionaire…yes, that’s right.

What’s the limiting factor?  Time!!

If time was not an issue – infinite wealth would be available to everyone. OK,  some people may need to work longer/harder than others, but the goal would still be attainable with infinite time.

And this is never truer than in a sales environment. Time is the killer.

How a sales person spends their time is often the key difference between the performing sales person and the non-performer.

Helping the sales team to identify what activities have a direct and positive result on successful sales outcomes is one of the first tasks I undertake with any sales team, likewise identifying those tasks that are necessary but have a negative relationship with successful sales outputs is an equally valid exercise – especially if the sales team are working autonomously.

Some of the most crucial activities in a successful sales team, time sensitive activities that support business growth and improved sales performance:

Specifically for new business development

What to do:

  • Decide, without compromise, what an ideal client/customer looks like, and what characteristics they will have.
  • Decide what you can do for them and why you are better than any other provider out there.
  • Continually feed the sales pipeline with highly qualified sales prospects THAT COMPLY WITH THE IDEAL CLIENT MODEL
  • Ask for referrals from all your contacts – existing customers, prospective customers, past customers, employees, suppliers, partners, associates, family members
  • Use customer facing time, not just to sell, but to learn about your prospects and their views on the market, your competitors, their issues and concerns
  • Actively screen prospects into your sales funnel AND screen prospects out if they no longer fit the criteria of an ideal client
  • Use high levels of sales qualification at ALL stages of the sales process
  • Scheduled period of cold calling
  • Segment any cold calling activity into grade A, grade B and grade C prospects – so you are feeding your short, mid and long term sales forecast
  • Where possible – when presenting a quote, do it face to face. If you must do it by telephone, then follow up within 24 hrs.
  • Read the industry press of the market you are involved in – maintain an awareness of the sales movers and shakers and keep up to speed with changing trends
  • Network – build you network with high quality contacts; this could also include your competition. Do this by attending good quality networking, industry specific events – exhibitions, industry events, supplier events…anywhere where your target market will be gathering… where possible get a list of the attendees before you show up
  • Pro-actively manage your contacts
  • Use flexible pricing models

What not to do:

  • Don’t treat all quote opportunities as the same
  • Chase after business that doesn’t fit the profile of an ideal client
  • Do paperwork in prime selling time
  • Waste client contact time on any activity that doesn’t bring benefit to the client or their business
  • Drive in key selling time
  • Negotiate using email – get on the phone or get in your car to see the client
  • Assume the profit you earn on any contract is static – profitability has to be managed on an ongoing basis and whilst you may be delivering excellent customer service – have an awareness of what it’s doing to the margin.

Happy Selling!!

Carol Griffiths

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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