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Sheffield Sales Training – Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics

This course is held monthly in Sheffield – please see our open course schedule on the tab above to see the next available dates.

Revenue generating activities can vary from data cleaning and lead generation to setting appointments, chasing proposals, reactivating lapsed customers, securing referrals and finding out what the competition are up to.

As part of a proactive sales process, no one activity is any more important than the other. They all need to be completed to a high level to maintain a stable revenue stream, build market share, protect and build the sales pipeline with qualified sales prospect.

Invariably sales people will be good at some of these activities, mediocre at others and the rest will be avoided at all costs!

Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics is a two day sales course specifically designed to look at the foundations of successful selling in any environment.

Attendees will learn how to build a solid sales pipeline by screening in and out, design effective call structures to engage senior decision makers and close profitable sales….increasing the return on their sales efforts every day.

This course is a must for anyone who wants to improve their sales performance over a very short time. With increased motivation and confidence, attendees will be able to proactively take responsibility for their sales pipeline, sales forecast and sales figures.

We look at how to;

  • Qualify prospects – meaning the pipeline is filled with quality, qualified prospects
  • Removing hurdles to get to the decision maker – make more sales presentations per day
  • Secure the decision makers interest – make every pitch a winner
  • Maximise the cross sell and up sell opportunities in every call – increasing average order value on every call
  • Arrange appointments where there is a high level of interest in purchasing – no more wasted visits
  • Powerfully present the sales proposition in exactly the way the buyer wants to hear it – minimising the sales cycle and the time taken to close
  • Remove objections – using the prospects objections to increase their reasons to buy
  • Maximise profit from any sale – it’s about doing more with less – greater return on your sales efforts
  • Delay closing until the buyer will say yes – most sales fail because the sales person pitches too early and with the wrong proposition
  • Use these same principles to reactivate lapsed customer – re-engaging lost customers is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build a solid sales pipeline
  • Effectively sell against the competition – building your market share whilst diminishing the competition has to be a sales strategy in this economic climate where survival alone is not enough
  • Influence and persuade at all stages of the communication – sell even when you’re not selling
  • Build a loyal relationship based on trust, transparency and honesty – build and maintain the status of trusted adviser
  • Get referrals from every call – even where you don’t make a sale

This is a high impact course designed for people at all stages in their sales career; as valuable for the new starter as for the seasoned sales practitioner wanting a refresher, equally suitable for product and service sales.

We will spend part of the course looking at the generic foundations of good sales practice, the remainder of this time will cover how these can be applied to selling in your particular industry and sector.

Lots of motivation and confidence building challenges, combined with many real life examples and worked case studies, with opportunities to practise new techniques and ongoing feedback, the course will deliver all the mental software required to succeed in any sales situation.

On completion of the course attendees will have everything they need to start selling, closing and building profitable sales pipelines.

Each attendee will also receive a psychometric test to give them an insight into the type of sale person they are, and their own strengths and weaknesses (usually £75). We also include a one to one follow up (2 hrs) to cement their knowledge in the workplace.

Lunch and workbooks will be provided

The course is restricted to 8 attendees per session to maximise impact and learning opportunities.


£995 per attendee plus VAT

Contact Carol on 0779 002 1885 to book, or email

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