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Is Solution Selling Enough?

I like Solution Selling – executed properly, with integrity and attention to detail it works better than any other method….for starting the sales process.

Yes, big caveat there.

Solution Selling provides a controlled framework for the start of the sales process…and finding out what the prospect needs and opposed to what they think they need, which is invaluable.

However it begs the question – where does the balance sit?  Does the sales person then go on to present and sell the solutions that address the current needs as perceived by the prospect, or do they still sell the solution they originally intended to but frame it differently?

Maybe this is the point where the sales person reframes the customers experience in order to guarantee that the competition can not compete, delivering a higher level of customer delight that generates a loyal customer, a raving fan and a distinctive and effective buying experience.

Too many sales teams are using/abusing Solution Selling as a means to get from the start of the sales process to the end, but few are using it to distinguish themselves from the competition and to gain a competitive sales advantage…and the higher the value of the sale or the more complex a sales, then the need to be positively different is greatly accentuated.

If you are interested in finding out what life after Solution Selling looks like – please give me a call/email.

Happy Selling

Carol Griifths

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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