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Creating Great Sales Coaches – Every Month – Sheffield

Being a sales person is not the job it used to be. Markets are definitely not what they used to be. In the current climate we have to ask whether we are trading in conditions that are still influenced by the economic recession or whether this is the new economy…. either way, the sales team still have to do the numbers, build the relationships, work the pipeline.

Whilst their environment has changed the question is, how as the management of the sales team changed to accommodate the new trading conditions?

Historically, many firms supported the management by numbers way of working. Over the last decade many sales led organisations have adhered to this whilst others have done a 180 flip and are now working to be highly supportive leaving the accountants to worry about the sales figures.

It’s interesting observing this from an external point of view. Unsurprisingly, there is little real or quantifiable parity across the sales industry regarding what makes a great sales person once you take out the ultimate measurement of sales figures. This can create a raft of issues in managing sales people that are used to different management styles and company cultures.

As a result Morton Kyle Limited has created a course specifically to address the very best techniques and practices of Sales Management, taking in the whole spectrum of skills and management ranging from management by numbers to the soft skills needed to motivate, drive and energise the sales team.

This workshop is perfect for those people working in a sales management or leadership role and looking to increase the effectiveness of their performance in a sales management or sales leadership post in order to boost the sales figures, margin and staff motivation whilst increasing staff retention and enhancing the customer experience.

In highly crowded markets with lots of options available to the buyers, where products and services have little to differentiate themselves form your competitors, sales staff are often the deciding factor in who gets the order. A well supported, motivated, cared for and engaged sales team is a proven positive resources in winning more business, building better quality relationships and protecting the margin.

This workshop will address all of these points and more to ensure attendee have the skills to create and support their sales team to produce the results and hit target.

A very practical hands on approach will be taken throughout the day so that attendees can gain a ready to use set of skills to be employed directly on their return to the workplace.

Subjects covered include:

  • How to be a Leader, Coach, Mentor and Manager
  • Understanding Others Behaviour
  • The Art of Motivation
  • Effective Influencing Skills
  • Team Metrics – Spotting Danger Signals
  • Effective Use of Sales Management Tools
  • Coaching Based Communication
  • Mentoring
  • Building Confidence
  • Sales Goal Setting to Stretch Performance
  • Retention and Sales Talent Management
  • Empowerment Strategies
  • Performance Management

The workshop will last one day with a further individual follow up session.

Ideal attendees would be Departmental Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Team Leaders, Owner/Managers/Directors and anyone responsible for running a sales team or telesales team.

The course attendees will be restricted to 10 to ensure effective learning and sharing opportunities are available.

This course is also available as an in house program.

Lunch, refreshments and workbooks will be provided.

Funding maybe available for this workshop – please contact us for details – Carol Griffiths – 0779 002 1885 or

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