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So You Think You Know Your Sales Team?

There are typically two truths:

1. What happens

2. What everyone thinks happens

My guess is reality sits somewhere in between the two.

Does this matter? Of course it matters, but in some cases it matters a lot less than others.

Does it matter in a sales environment? Well that depend on whether your organisation has a process for gaining sales, with a well developed science behind it, with a known recipe for success, or if you are simply relying on luck and skill to get you to the sales target….

Which one are you?

Which one would you like to be?

Sales is neither an art or a science, it’s a heady concoction of the two. Used properly your organisation has a well stocked and fully qualified sales pipeline. Otherwise it’s a set of disparate sales forecasts with questionable accuracy.

A sales audit will tell you what’s happening, versus what you think is happening…and give you a huge insight into what needs to change in order to increase sales.

It will explain why you are getting the results you see, and what you need to do to change that

You get an insight into the sales reality that could be hampering your growth and assisting your competition.

To really understand what’s happening in your sales team, don’t just listen to what the sales team want you to know, get in there and find out.

The overwhelming majority of the sales organisations I audit have flawed sales process’. That’s the bad news. The good news is they are very simple to fix and can be done almost instantaneously once recognised.

Here are a few examples of recent fixes post sales audit:

The sales team who were heavily commissioned on one type of business. This business was rare, had a high acquisition cost and was highly competitive, but the commission returns for the sales person were good. We changed the commission structure to be more balanced across the business types, retuned the sales teams focus and increased sales immediately.

A recruitment sales team who were working hard on assignments with a high fail/non-placement rate. We discovered that many of the assignments were on spec and with no terms of business signed. Clamping down on speculative placements meant that resources were deployed more effectively, jobs closed faster and more time could be devoted to nurturing good quality clients and candidates.

A company with shrinking margins realised that 80% of its business came from tenders where price was the overriding factor in selecting preferred partners. With so little non-tender business their margins were being eaten into as competition increased and costs grew higher. Changing how they sought new business opportunities stabilised the business whilst we looked for other sales channels that were less price sensitive.

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