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It’s Not All About You….Beware of the ‘We’ Word

Sales teams forget what they are selling….fact!

I know this to be true, and often the longer the sales person has been in post the truer the statement becomes.

Disagree with me?

Ok…here is the challenge. Just listen to how many times the average sales pitch includes the word ‘we’.

Whatever number it is, you will hear ‘we’ far more than you will hear ‘you’


Because it’s easier to talk in terms of ‘we’ than it is to talk in terms of ‘you’ the client or prospect.

We can do this….

We can do that….

We can arrange….

We have helped….

You see, the ‘we’ phrases rarely change from one client or prospect to another, and yet the real skill in getting the sales results you deserve is in translating what the ‘we’s’ mean to the client or prospect you are with.

Changing from ‘we’ statements to ‘you’ statements will increase the potency of a sales message immediately.

How do you do it?

Encourage the sales team to think in terms of application to each individual specific client – sometimes just the phrase ‘and what that means for you is….’ is enough to connect a ‘we’ to a ‘you’

On the understanding that there are logical and emotional reasons for a prospect or client to buy, and that a professional sales person will have established these reasons, then the ‘you’ statements are very powerful…when they are used.

For example:

We have a 2 hr turn around on all orders, therefore you could introduce  just in time ordering, so you are not wasting space or cash carrying extra stock, ultimately giving you the opportunity to put your space and cash to better use.

As opposed to

We have a 2 hr turn around on all orders, we can deliver anywhere in the UK, we use overnight couriers and we have a service level agreements in place to that effect. We take our delivery promises very seriously.

Are these points all great and valid points. Yes, of course they are. But notice the ‘we’ word…and the absence of ‘you’

Let’s take another look and you can make your own mind up as to what you think sounds and feels better…

We have a 2 hr turn around on all orders. You can let all your UK offices know that you are protected by a service level agreement and compensation plan, so you can confidently promise them that they get what they want when they want it. No missed deliveries for you. You get a cast iron delivery promise.

Should your sales team need to join the dots for a prospect to this to this extent?

Maybe not ordinarily, but just imagine a typical prospect.

  • He’s busy.
  • He has a lot to think about during a day.
  • He probably already has an incumbent supplier he is happy with.
  • He doesn’t want to think about the change of supplier too much – unless he really needs to.
  • He needs a logical and an emotional reason to say ‘yes’.
  • He wants the proposition presented in such a way so that it makes it easy for him to justify his buying decision to himself and others.
  • And after all, why would you want to make the buying decision difficult for the prospect?

Make it easy, get the sale and move on….

It’s not all about you, you know…

Happy Selling!!

Carol Griffiths

Principal and Lead Consultants, Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885


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