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The Customer Service You Receive Here Today is Directly Related to your Attitude Towards Me!!!

Or words to that effect…

Shocking to see it in black and white isn’t it?

But how true is it really? Consciously or unconsciously we are responding to the vibes we receive…whether you are ok with this is strictly between you and your conscience.

The real impact of this unspoken reality is at the interface between your staff and your customers and prospects. More so today than ever before, anyone in a customer facing role is in a sales role.

Strangely enough, not all customer facing staff will full appreciate some of the following:

  • How they can influence the growth of the company
  • That sales is everyone’s responsibility and not ‘what someone else does’
  • Word of mouth marketing and social media can make or break a company in a relatively short time span
  • Happy customers will tell three colleagues, unhappy customers will tell 10 plus colleagues
  • The cost of gaining a new customer can be at least 7 times higher than retaining a new customer

We are now taking bookings for Influence and Persuasion Skills for Non-Sales Staff, specifically designed for those employees who operate in a customer facing role who are not sales people, but still need to employ high levels of influence and persuasion skills

Ideal attendees would be from the following functions:

Customer service, Counter sales, Help Desk, Operations, Finance, Logistics, Complaints, Sales Support, Account Management, Accounts, Administration, Retail, Reception, Technical and Secretarial.

The program is designed to enhance skills and confidence in a face to face or telephone based role – it is a highly consultative relationship building model and is designed to engage the prospect in a consultative exchange in order to make the interaction positive, productive and engaging for both parties.

The course works with the principles and psychology of influence, persuasion and co-operation and is therefore very successful in ‘softer’ client interfaces/operations – for example, engaging with consumers, selling/promoting at exhibitions and stalls, and influencing within a charity or educational environment.

 The Course Covers:

  • The psychology of cooperation and persuasion
  • Positive first impressions – how to build rapport quickly
  • Understanding the customers point of view
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Communication structure – The Objection Free Dialogue
  • Meaningful questioning techniques
  • Questioning to understand their needs and motivation
  • Active listening skills
  • Spotting their triggers
  • Summarising your understanding
  • Offering solutions – Using their motivations to persuade and influence
  • Handling client questions
  • Trial closes to gain agreement
  • Gaining commitment to action
  • Being positive
  • Steps to deal with 6 different client types


Course Outcomes

Having attended this program attendees will be able to:

  • Conduct a persuasive/influence based conversation with any person
  • Quickly establish what the desired outcomes are
  • Structure logical and relevant questions
  • Identify points of interaction/hooks
  • Explore the interests/hooks
  • Structure a relevant proposition
  • Use influencing skills to gain satisfactory agreement
  • Deliver customer delight
  • Handle concerns
  • Ask for/gain agreement to action

This course is delivered as an in house program starting in January 2013.

For more information please use the contact details below

Carol Griffiths

Principal and Lead Consultant – Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885


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