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The Sales Habit

For me, I have never done things the easy way (I don’t learn anything that way…and I need to learn in order to help my clients be better) and I have certainly never done things the way my competitors have…why would I want to copy the behaviours of the people who are lagging behind me?

So, when working with a new client I ask the sales people just one question initially because it tells me so much about where they perceive themselves to be and what they perceive their function to be.

The question is simple…and no I’m not going to tell you what the question is – you will need to ask me…

What becomes evident from the response is overwhelming that the vast majority of people operating in a sales role…as opposed to sales people…think the following:

  • Their role is to sell!!

Shock horror!! I know…. that was my reaction too!!

If only life were that simple.

At my silence, some offer further information like:

  • To hit my sales figures
  • To hit my margin figures
  • To keep my job!! (Yes – on more than one occasion!!)

To me – this is very much like asking the hair dresser what is job is….to cut hair – I am sure will be the response.

But is it really? Turning up everyday to cut hair would soon see him out of a job as maybe he hadn’t renewed his insurance, maintained his work equipment, kept his skills up to date, maintained his supplies, been pleasant and entertaining with his clients, listened, offered refreshments etc.

I am fanatical about sales teams creating solid, authentic, accurate, sustainable sales pipelines and effectively managing the sales pipeline process towards generating controlled growth…as opposed to working hard to stand still.

Until I see sales team operating in this way I know that sustainable, profitable growth will be elusive and costly to pursue.

Sales is a process, not an outcome!!

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Principal and Lead Consultant – Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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