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Avoiding Failure in the Sales Process

Over the years I have performed a lot of Sales Audits – some have been simply looking at sales performance and sales outputs whilst others have been a more comprehensive insight and investigation into the product/service/customer opinion and routes to market.

The sales audits have been done in many industries; finance, recruitment, business services, packaging; automotive, asset finance, professional services and BPO, and whilst the industries, management styles, corporate cultures and individuals have all been different many of the findings are surprisingly common.

Here are the top 7 issues that are causing sales operations to fail or under perform today:

1. Fear of the competition – if sales teams took themselves as seriously as they took the competition most would hit target every month.

2. Fear of losing the sale due to cost – as sales teams wince when they discuss with the prospect the price, or worse still don’t discuss price but send the pricing details in an email, then it’s no wonder that the prospect is forced to consider their purchase.

3. Failure to demonstrate value – too busy talking about stuff that delays the buying decision, doesn’t compel the prospect to act, conveys desperation and not urgency, talks instead of listens, tells doesn’t consult or engage.

4. Scared of closing – it’s one line. It’s the most important line…and it’s the line that most failing sales people forget to ask. Rejection should be welcomed….the real selling doesn’t seriously begin until there has been a rejection.

5. Showing up is not good enough any more….as a sales person you have to care, you probably have to care more than your prospect does regarding the value and benefits that your product or service has for him and his organisation.

6. To solve your problems, you have to solve the prospects problems. Unless the sales person is genuine and knowledgeable in their delivery of the REAL and TANGIBLE value that their product/service brings to the prospects business then they have no right to be pitching.

7. Thinking that success is guaranteed by spinning the numbers. Yes, in part this is true, more so in some industries than others. However, in the main, in B2B sales operations the numbers mean very little if all that is filling the sales pipeline is poor quality leads.

Sales Audits are a valuable and quick way to get a very clear, independent insight into what is happening in your sales team now…and what you can do to improve performance and get the sales results you want.

To discuss how a sales audit could assist you in your business, call for a confidential chat.

All audits are supported by a comprehensive report, recommendation and action plan. All reports are delivered within one week of being on site.

Happy Selling!!

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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