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First Sales Meeting of 2013

So it’s your first sales meeting back after Christmas. New Year is a vague memory and hopefully you still have the sales team intact after what went off at the Christmas party….now, early January 2013 and it’s your time to rally the sales team and get them motivated to smash targets in the next quarter…

You may want to include some of the following:

Get the Right Sales Mind Set – Targeted Sales Action

Get them to write down what they would like to earn in commission this quarter, ask them to physically write out the number on a side of A4. Then  ask them what they would be prepared to do to get to that figure, ask them to jot down all the strategies and plans they will actually commit to in order to get to that figure.

Put that piece of paper to one side and ask then to write the same number on another sheet of A4, but this time ask them to add another zero to the end of the number. Now, ask then to write down plans and strategies they would realistically employ to get to that number.

Then ask them which set of strategies they wish to adopt for the next three months.

Remember, it is your job to follow up and hold them accountable to their plans and sales strategies.

Hitting Target – Changing Focus

If their personal sales target is £50k per month, for example. Ask them to think about the QUICKEST ways they can get to £50k pm.

In my experience sales people can proceed through the month collecting orders and generating sales….not quite busy fools but not a million miles off either. Ask them to focus on how they can hit target quicker…what tactics they might employ, prospects they might chase, plans they might put into action.

Hitting target quicker will typically mean chasing bigger deals, dealing with higher level prospects, quoting bigger prices, chasing bigger buyers.

Magic Wand Time

Ask them what they need from you in order for them to smash targets…yes, you may well get asked for things you can’t deliver immediately, but you may also be surprised by some of the simple things that they require from you…take it all on board and get to work, and report your progress back regularly to the sales team.

As Sales Manager, the role is not just about wielding the sales targets but also about being an enabler.

The relationship between sales person and Sales Manager is one of give and take.

Plan the Celebration

Set the bar high and make it fun. Plan some element of celebration into achieving.

Happy Selling!!!

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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