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Fastest Way to Hit Sales Targets

Quick reminder – a few techniques you can use to increase the speed at which you smash your sales target:

  • Have 4 month ends in any one month – every Friday becomes a month end, see activity levels peak
  • Break the targets down into what needs to be achieved every day – keep a rolling average of where people are at against targets
  • Make cold prospecting a regular, daily event, even if it is simply calling 10 new prospects…surely everyone has time to make 10 new telephone calls?…..Get on the phone to cold prospects in highly targeted organisations that you know you can deliver a value based proposition to. This is vital to continuously and authentically fill the sales funnel with good quality sales prospects.
  • Pro-actively work the sales pipeline – typically when you first start to do this the most common complaint is ‘but my sales pipeline is exhausted’  and ‘I know when people will buy and it’s not yet’….well this just means that the sales pipeline is not BIG enough – see the point above
  • Swap sales prospects – where it is evident that a sales prospect has stalled with a particular sales person, send another sales colleague into that account to try to reboot. No-one should lose out here as there should be a sharing out that will balance long-term. Requires openness and honesty in the sales team.
  • Don’t be afraid to chuck prospects out of the sales pipeline – know where to spend your time

Remember – you can’t go back and recreate a sales pipeline…so start today.

Happy Selling?

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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