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Managing the Sales Team – What’s Going On?

More of a question than a blog I guess…what is it about some Sales Managers recently?

I am seeing so many incidents of the following that it is causing me to think there is some new management fad that I have missed…

There seems to be a new breed of Sales Manager…The Shy Sales Manager (SSM)…typical characteristics:

  • Absent from the sales coal face
  • Manage the team, or tries to, by email
  • Treat performers and non-performers alike
  • Operate as if they are single handedly looking to save the world – stress heads doesn’t begin to describe them…
  • Scared to get in there with the team and lead by example
  • Unable to have the tough conversations but quite happy to bicker about ‘details’
  • Delegate, by default, again passive-aggressive doesn’t cover it
  • Don’t appear to like people very much
  • Talk but don’t say anything meaningful – management speak is alive and kicking!!!
  • Avoid anything that makes them accountable, or responsible

I hope this new fad passes soon….can’t see how it will work out positively for anyone.

Thoughts please….

Happy Selling!!

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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