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The Real Value Added Sell

When was the last time you got a REAL value added sell from a sales person?

I am referring to a time when you got a sales pitch that really demonstrated value to you and your business, and where the service or product you were considering was discussed in terms that were directly relevant to your business, and not just related in generic terms?

Value Added Selling is a ethos, a consistent way of professionally doing great business, it’s strategic, embedded in the corporate culture, tactical, obvious, beneficial for both the sales person and the buyer, and it’s ethical.

Too often, I see organisations that claim to be operating in a value added sales environment…this is rarely the case and their motivation to claim this is to try to help their justify their prices, internally and externally.

Understand that value added selling is not about what you give the buyer in addition to your core product – this is a very common misconception.

Value added selling is about being able to CONCLUSIVELY demonstrate value to the customer or buyer, value that the customer can ONLY get from you and your organisation. The X Factor – the exclusive piece of the jigsaw that you and your company can deliver that no competitor can….or is prepared to

Now – the truth is that there are very few unique products or services out there, so it would be fair to say that most providers of a particular product or service could do a near identical value added sales pitch…if this is actually the case, then how does your sales team out perform the competition?

I know from experience than a good 75% +of the sales teams I come into contact with are selling on price. Sad but true. Also consider that the same sales teams typically believe that the value they bring to the buyer is the discounted rate. Again, sad but true.

So, how does this help you if you don’t want to just compete on price in your market place?

You do what no other sales team does…and automatically you are streets ahead

You forget about price and your sales team go all out to demonstrate value, real tangible value, the sales team enter into a high level of consultative selling and get inside the buyers psyche to understand the issues, problems, concerns and needs before generating a highly tailored sales solution. After your sales team have demonstrated such high value, selling cheap is really not an option.

Building value is simple, understanding the mechanics of creating a value added sales proposition takes a little time, but the skills are invaluable.

Want to forget about selling on discounts, reducing your prices and selling at cost just to fill the order book? Start selling on value and watch your margins increase, and the quality and quantity of business opportunities in your sales pipeline increase dramatically.

For more information on creating a value added sales pipeline , call for a confidential chat or alternatively join us on our Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics work shops – running monthly.

Happy Selling!!

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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