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The Sales Enemy Within

Dear Failing Sales Person,

Are you your own worse Sales Enemy? Your own personal Sales Prevention Officer?

Question is: How would you know?

Here are a few clues – not an exhaustive list but enough of a list to give you an indicator…

Are you:

  • Fearful of your competitors?
  • Feel that the price you are asking your prospects to pay is too much for what you are offering them?
  • Unable to leave a deal on the table to mature whilst you carefully manage it to close over a period of time?
  • Spend the bulk of your face to face sales time talking/pitching instead of asking questions?
  • Pricing intuitively instead of being able to robustly demonstrate an ROI based case for gaining a sign off with the prospect?
  • Eager to find fault with the product, the sales cycle, the company, the literature, the market, the customer service of your organisation, in fact anything, other than reflect on what part you have to play in not signing the required amount of business?
  • Reticent to ask why someone is not going to sign with you – instead just assume it is one of the above reasons?
  • Keeping a sales pipeline that looks at this month and next month and no further ahead?
  • Unwilling to ask for referrals?
  • Fearful of rejection?
  • Expect to be rejected in 9/10 pitches?
  • Taking the first ‘no’ as a definite ‘no’ and stopping the sales process there?
  • Happy when your colleagues fail as that supports your story regarding why you are unable to hit target?
  • Most happy when not in a new business sales situation?

If you have (honestly) answered the above…then I hope it has given you cause for celebration and if not, then definitely cause for reflection…if it is the later then maybe it’s time for you to consider why you are in sales and what you are contributing to the business versus what you are costing the business?

…To clarify, I am not simply talking about your salary package…I am talking about something much bigger – the opportunity costs…the revenue that a good sales person would bring in if they had the sales opportunities that you had.

Still scared? Well sales can be that way unless you take control of the process and the pipeline, the best advice I can give you is this…Get Selling or Get Out….

Happy Reflecting…and hopefully Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited 

0779 002 1885

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