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In the Middle of a Change Reaction

‘Whatever got your business/sales into this state won’t get it out of this state’

Whether your sales team and business is failing because of the people, the culture, the product, the pricing etc…..continuing to move forward using the same tools will never work.

Kotter – the master of change will tell you that over 70% of change programs fail. I’m surprised he quotes so low a figure…

Take a look at Kotter’s Words of Wisdom on Change

Kotter refers to his idea about staying strong during the process, keep revisiting why it’s necessary and to celebrate when small and large hurdles are overcome….

And I am sure, as Kotter suggest  this will get you where you need to be…. 70% of the time.

I would like to add my beliefs as to why change doesn’t always work….

1. Be Brave – It takes the managers of the business to be brave and move totally outside of their comfort zone…and whilst they may nod to this in theory, in private the commitment is poor and they sabotage their own public intent. Fear disables them.

2. See It As It Is – People fear to face the REAL consequences of not changing….’we don’t want to scare the staff’ …’she’ll never shut the business down’….’it’s not as bad as it seems, they are simply looking to cut costs’….Tony Robbins has a great saying for this – he advocates the following ‘see it as it is, not worse than it is and not better than it is’. Too often the business knows how bad it is, but talks about it in gentler terms. This helps no-one.

3. Cut Deep and Fast – Get rid of the people who are not on side…and get rid of them quickly. Nothing will slow a change process down and depress results quicker than dealing with these silent assassins. Look at words AND action…onside or not? Live and breathe the change of leave the business.

4. Timing – do it fast. Think about it as pulling off a plaster. Do it fast and manage the consequences. It may seem the hardest way but it will pay good rewards and you can spend the bulk of the time in rebuild and not de-construct. Productive not destructive.

5. It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better – this is true, and anyone who tells you it can be avoided is there to enjoy a financial return from your suffering. Get the big dip over quickly, make it a fast turn not a long wallow.

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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