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Changing a Buyer’s Perspective – From Prospect to Buyer

Creating an Efficient Sales Pipeline. Building a Profitable Sales Funnel
Converting Sales Prospects in your Sales Funnel to Buyers and Customers

No matter how good a sales person you are, you won’t be able to make a buyer do anything that they don’t want to do.

Likewise, trying to extract the price you want is a wasted effort if you fail to demonstrate value and worth.

Sales Performance Specialist, Sales Consultants/Sales Trainers have long studied the practices of effective and successful sales people to find out what makes them tick and to identify what it is that they do to bring in the numbers so easily whilst others, in the same market with the same target continue to struggle.

Here’s the top line conclusion.

Some of the highest performing sales people sell completely differently from their colleagues.

That’s right, completely differently, radically differently….in fact, watching them perform one would think that they weren’t selling at all actually.

And here’s why:

Key findings from recent buyer research* seeking to understand the difference between the Great Sales Person and the also rans, shows that Performing Sales People are more likely to:

1. Educate the buyer with new ideas/ways of working and different perspectives

2. Work collaboratively with the buyer

3. Be positive about what can be achieved

4. Listen

5. Understand the buyer’s business

6. Help the buyer avoid risks

7. Provide a water tight solution

8. Realistically portray the purchasing process

9. Connect with the Buyer personally

10.  Conclusively prove that this solution is far better than any other solution available

I agree with this list, with every single point raised; and from my own observations, unsuccessful and struggling sales people have the biggest issues delivering in these chosen career because of points 1,4,5,6,7,10.

So let’s just concentrate on those points solely for a while.

Points 1 and 5

They struggle with point 1 (and point 5) because they don’t bother to research the customers business, they don’t research the customers industry, they don’t put themselves in the buyers shoes and they don’t articulate their thinking so they can appreciate the buyers challenges or the buyers point of view, which leads to a total failure in being able to comprehend the nature or the level of the risks experienced by the buyer.

This is compounded by lack of knowledge in terms of what the competitors are offering, what is happening in their own industry and what unique opportunities exist to serve their buyer, the customer and prospects. Hence they can’t mitigate against the risk of a competitor approaching their prospect.

So when they have to ring-fence the prospect during the sales process, the sales person is not sufficiently skilled, articulate or knowledgeable about their OWN market to be able to do this confidently, professionally or comprehensively.

Point 6

Without addressing the above, the struggling sales person can never achieve point 6.

Point 4

Point 4 is simply bad manners, and professionals in any field should really know better.

However, it’s an endemic trait in struggling sales people, sales bores and (sales) people lacking confidence…they are in broadcast mode…and they won’t listen. In fact, I would be so bold as to suggest that they don’t want to let the prospect speak in case the prospect takes them in a direction where they are out of their depth…see points 1,5, and 6.

It’s easy to see how poor performance feeds on itself, with horrid and long-lasting effects.

Points 7 and 10

Which just leaves you and I with points 7 and 10. These are simply due to the sales person doing a hit and run, a wing it pitch, no research, no practice, no insight, no care, no attention, no interest.

Again, identified in all the other points above.

Sales people and the profession of sales has we have known it is changing.

I’ve spoken before about how the nature of the buying cycle has changed so I’m not going to go through it again.

The sales person of the past was an order taker and a brochure carrier to a large degree, a band ambassador if you prefer that description.

Websites and e-commerce solutions made that type of sales person redundant….soon those sales people and those sales jobs will be extinct…

The buyer’s of today need to meet with expert solution providers, consultants who will challenge current thinking with the buyer, who will push understanding, test scenarios, build frameworks of thinking and partnering that will deliver perfect fit solutions for the buyer, who will scour the market for solutions, ideas, insights; and who will search other industries, cultures, countries and ideologies to gain understanding and an enhanced level of creative solution…all to develop themselves, their own knowledge and their customer’s experience.

So, you can see why the sales person who tips up with the same pitch s/he’s used for the last three years with a copy of the business brochure, who hopes that dropping a few names, and broadcasts for 45 mins of the 60 mins meeting….in the hope that some buyer will sign an order…

What do you think their chances of sales success are?

Really? I’d say you’re being very generous there…but you and I can watch and wait to see the fate to befall firms that fail to respond to the changing environment.

So, what do you do if you think your sales results are not what they should be, or you think your sales team are falling foul to any of the above issues?

First of all – use this link to claim your FREE Sales Health Check

After that, I will tell you, comprehensively and succinctly what your easy wins are via an action plan we’ll talk through together.

After that you at least know your options.

If you want to look at something more immediate whilst the Sales Health Check is taking place, then take a look at The Sales Improvement Workshop

It’s a one day course designed to address the key points raised above and is a suitable course for business owner managers, CEO’s, sales managers and sales and business development staff of all levels.

It’s a fast day, chock full of practical take aways you can work with. It will also provide you with much to think about if you wish to re-orientate your sales efforts.

The Sales Improvement Workshop focuses on ethical selling, designed to allow attendees and their business’s to outperform the competition, increase market share and build competitive advantage whilst creating an accurate and authentic sales pipeline, with a fluid and dynamic sales funnel.

Which means your customers get the very best attention, expertise and advice from your sales team. Plus your sales team get to create a customer base of raving fans.

Now that really is a win – win for both ides

In addition, I work with sales teams to construct highly compelling sales messages to immediately increase close rates and shorten sales cycles.

The Sales Improvement Workshop is specifically designed to address the following to assist ambitious sales to:

  • Build creative, compelling and competitive sales pitches
  • Build a sales pipeline full of hungry prospects
  • Maximise prices and profits

Which means the sales team becomes more efficient, more effective and super motivated because they can see a direct relationship between effort, actions and sales results.

Hence, your business becomes more profitable, builds a stronger brand and greater market share.

So, to build sales pipelines to deliver accurate, profitable and target busting sales results; to increase the return on investment from sales efforts, then take a look at The Sales Improvement Workshop

Join us on the next Sales Improvement Workshop find out how to stop wasting time, smash sales targets, build robust sales pipelines and productive sales relationships, as well as understanding the elements of the sales call that will have the greatest impact when it comes to getting the order signed.

For more information call Carol on 0779 002 1885 or email on

Happy Selling…

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885


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