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Sales Success – Sales Training Courses for Colleges – Place More Apprentices, Unblock the Sales Pipeline and Shorten the Sales Cycle.

Sales Success – More Sales, Higher Margins, More Referrals, Stronger Pipelines, Robust ROI Sales Pitches,

More Apprentice Placements, More Bookings on Commercial Courses, More Tailored Sales Presentations

Your Sales Program – Specifically Tailored for Increasing Apprentice Placements and Bookings for Commercial Training Programs


Highly consultative – this program is designed to increase sales performance over a very short period by simply focusing on the key sales points that have a direct relationship with success.

  • What Does Sales Success Look Like?
  • Creating A Powerful Sales Pipeline – Information, Knowledge, Power
  • Psychology Of Buying – The Buyers Perspective
  • Sales Call Structure – The Holistic View To Consulting And Selling
  • The Objection Free Pitch – Selling The Solutions
  • Meaningful Questioning Techniques – Questioning To Understand Their Needs And Motivation.
  • Cross Selling And Up Selling
  • Active Listening Skills – getting inside the buyers head to understand his issues and concerns
  • Testing The Pitch – using conditional closing at every stage
  • Create And Use The Buying Signals – testing commitment and buy in with the buyer
  • Summarising Your Understanding – working out a plan with the buyer that the buyer can commit to
  • Selling Their Motivations Back To Them – encouraging the buyer to sell the solution back to themselves
  • Handling Prospect/Customer Questions – using open and candid discussions to remove obstacles to signing
  • Trial Closes – closing off any concerns that may later derail the sale
  • Selling The Price – using price to gain interest and build value
  • Asking For The Order – completing the hard work by bringing the presentation to a natural conclusion
  • Price Negotiation – selling value and ROI
  • Basic Networking Skills – generating referrals from every relationship

Course Outcomes

Having attended this program you will be able to:

  • Conduct a sales based conversation with any prospect
  • Quickly establish if there are any commercial opportunities
  • Structure logical and relevant questions – engage the prospect in working together
  • Identify points of weaknesses in their current provision sufficient to cause the prospect to attach urgency to your solution
  • Explore the cost and impact of those weaknesses
  • Structure relevant solution(s) with a robust ROI presentation
  • Use influencing skills to trial close, use ongoing conditional closing techniques
  • Handle objections before they become an issue
  • Deal with incumbent relationships by keenly evaluating the two propositions and the cost of not changing
  • Ask for the business, get a firm plan of action and a sign of date with conditions – create urgency
  • Selling the price as a positive investment, looking at payback models
  • Seek referrals from all prospects/customers on an ongoing basis
  • Build, maintain and account manage a sales pipeline towards order completion


This is a 1 day program – 9.00 am registration for a 9.15 am start. The course will close at 4.30 pm

Each course tailed to your specific requirements and each attendee will have a psychometric test to assist them with their learning, plus there is 121 follow-up post training with each attendee.

Time is spent onsite with the attendees to learn of their very specific needs prior to the cause being designed.

For more information and to discuss your training needs contact Carol Griffiths on 0779 002 1885 or email

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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