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Customers Love Your Product But Complain About the Price?

Is this happening to you?

Isn’t it a killer?

After you have done all of that hard work and they complain about price – usually right at the end of the sales presentation.

They must have had a rough idea of how much this was going to cost, didn’t they? Why couldn’t they have told me they were cheapskates at the beginning of a call – I could have gone and had a coffee instead!!!

How many times have you heard yourself thinking or muttering things like this?

If so, it’s very easy to sort out:

  • Stop being a hit and run sales rep, doing the same old generic pitch to whoever you meet – start listening and start communicating  the value of your solution
  • Stop trying to work out how this sale can be constructed to your best advantage and start asking how this sale can work to your prospects best advantage – then start communicating the value
  • Understand your buyer, their business, their market, their competitors and their goals – then start communicating the value
  • Stop selling your product/service – start communicating the value
  • Work with the client to understand their issues and how they will use what you are offering – then start communicating the value
  • Find out what issues your product/service will assist your client with, and what those issues are currently costing in time, money, competitive advantage, brand damage, market share – then start communicating the value
  • Do your research – know exactly how your product/service outperforms your competitors – be an industry expert not a sales rep – then start communicating the value

Buyers rarely reject your proposition on price alone, they will reject it because your offering won’t give them what they need in exchange for what they are paying for it.

Pricing is a see-saw – it requires balance with value and usefulness. Treat price in isolation and you will always be fighting the price war.

Simple really….and if you struggle to see where your product or service adds value to your prospects business – do the right thing, don’t waste anyone’s time, walk away.

If you can’t see how your product/service delivers value at all….get a new job. Life is too short and the last thing the business world needs is another unfocused sales person.

Immerse yourself, get excited, be proud – if you’re not your competitors will have a field day.

Happy Selling!!

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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