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How Much Does a Happy Anniversary Cake Cost?

Imagine the scene:

It’s Grandpa and Grandma’s Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, it’s Saturday evening at 6.30 pm and your only job is to deliver the Anniversary Cake – 3 tiers of magical cake delight – to the Church Hall.

This is the cake that cost you £110, where you spend 45 mins with the Cake Decorator explaining how you wanted it decorated, the same cake that you hid so that no-one in the family could accidentally take a slice of it when they had the nibbles. Yes that cake that is a replica of Grandpa and Grandma original Wedding Cake…. and within 30 minutes they will see how much you love them as they see the cake on the top table. Mission accomplished.

However, a small trip over the Church Hall steps means that the cake hits the floor, not before doing three somersault flips in the air before gently spraying crumbs, icing, silver balls, fragments of figurines and cake delight everywhere…..

The question is – how will you ever explain this. live it down…..but more importantly, what would you pay for a replacement replica cake now?

£110? Double that? Triple? Any money? Is it blank cheque book time?

I know you can easily imagine the horror that ensue in this situation, and how receptive the person would be at that moment to an approach from a cake sales person…. you propensity to buy would be high, as they have identified that you have a problem and that they can provide a plausible solution…..and even better, they can give you a second chance to do it even better this time…

How often as sales professionals to we walk into such an easy sell? Rarely? Ever? Never?

But you can create that high level of emotional and logical receptiveness in your prospects – if you want to.

And that’s why knowing how to use a consultative sales approach to help a prospect uncover their primary, secondary, past and future, open and hidden concerns, and the future impact of leaving those concerns unresolved is fundamental to a progressive and effective sales approach.

Equally, extending this to uncover the full financial implications of the prospects actions and inactions can further cement the sale and their commitment to take positive cation with your organisation.

Makes sales sound very easy doesn’t it? Yet so few sales people are aware of this simple, effective , logical and customer centric way of selling.

Making the cost of doing nothing so high for the prospect, and the associated consequences unthinkable if the prospect does nothing as a result of the sales proposal. The cost and consequences of inaction so unattractive so that their engagement, interest, curiosity and willingness to explore a solution with you is as high as it can be is the

Using the CORE SALES (c) methodology sales team can increase their effectiveness immediately.

Users see an immediate positive impact on:

  • Close rates
  • Sales lead times
  • Margin
  • Proposal acceptance
  • Order value
  • The quality of opportunities in the sales pipeline
  • The quantity of opportunities in the sales pipeline

And, as success breeds success, sales people fly once they realise that the hit and miss aspect has been removed from their sales process and they can see a direct relationship between effort employed and results gained.

This is further magnified when they realise that they can achieve so much more with their time as they are no longer writing proposals that won’t convert or chasing business that was never fully qualified in the first place.

 Key Indicators Suggesting Your Sales Team Needs New Skills and Sales Techniques

  • If your sales team don’t get the deals you think they should
  • Your sales team don’t get the margin you think they should
  • If their sales diaries are half full, and the weekly drop out rate is greater than 10%
  • They tell you that ‘the market is too tough’
  • They think that the competitors have ‘the edge’
  • The sales team hate sales meetings
  • Sales forecasts are more luck than judgement
  • There is a 20% or greater discrepancy in what is forecast and what is billed
  • Customers are exhibiting buyers remorse
  • Your sales team aren’t getting at least 1 referral from every meeting
  • Your sales team are not converting prospects to raving fans of your business
  • Your market share is fixed or shrinking, even when your competitors are going bust
  • Your sales pipeline is shrinking
  • If you have a sales team that sells for today but doesn’t plan for the next 12 months
  • You are in danger of failing to hit your sales targets
  • If you think your team have all the reasons ‘why not’, and none of the ‘can do’s’
Make sure your team start thinking about sales the way you do – make every member of your team a top performer

Let me share with you some things that sales people do that could be costing you sales. If they didn’t do these things it would revolutionise their sales performance.

  • They don’t have an order form ready to complete at the end of the sale
  • They don’t ask for the business
  • They fail to take the prospect through the pain barrier and look at the financial and business impact of doing nothing
  • They don’t bring a sense of urgency to the sale
  • They fail to get an in principle decision to the conceptual sale
  • They use being busy as an excuse to be effective
  • They feel uncomfortable selling at high margins
  • They let the customer tell them what price they want to pay
  • they don’t like talking about money, value, reward, benefit and payback
  • They don’t ask what is important to the buyer when the buyer is choosing a supplier
  • They don’t follow up
  • They don’t carry a file of recent testimonials to encourage confidence
  • They talk to much
  • They don’t ask enough questions to know what the buyer really wants
  • They broadcast instead of listening
  • They miss the non-verbal signs
  • Their presentations have no clear call to action
  • They close ineffectually and randomly, without intent or purpose
  • They view the close as a gamble rather than a certainty
Sales people can be most effective at getting to ‘YES’ when they have the buyer in a state where he is selling your products and services to himself

That’s 9 crucial things, that if your sales team changed their behaviours slightly, they could dramatically change their sales outcomes and figures.

If just some of the above strike a chord with you then you will really appreciate how our programs will change your sales teams thought process, actions and results.

Plus, you will get ongoing feedback regarding your team’s performance, contribution and development.

If you have been looking for a tailored skills program to drive your team performance then we should meet at your earliest convenience.

You can tell me about the issues you wish to address and I will sharing with you some of the ways I have assisted industry professionals like yourself to remove their obstacles to more sales.

Here’s how …

Let your staff spend some time with us on our Sales Development Programs and see them return to their sales role with

  • Increased motivation and direction in their sales efforts
  • Higher levels of ambition, persuasion
  • A real understanding of what targeted activity looks a feels like
  • Enhanced commercial acumen
  • A sales process that maximises sales conversions at every step of the way
  • A practical and focussed awareness of what needs to happen daily, weekly and monthly to ensure targets are achieved
  • A more robust and profitable pipeline fill of thoroughly qualified sales prospects
  • The ability to engage and sell at all levels
  • The skills to move prospects through the sales funnel at an appropriate rate
  • A clear picture of what a great sales prospect looks like…how to identify them and where to find them
  • An enhanced tool kit to sell to different types of buyers and still maximise conversions
  • 4 tried and tested, powerful sales frameworks that drive the buyer towards a yes
  • Tested ways for gaining an in principle yes to the conceptual sale
  • A means of structuring a conversation that looks at pricing in relationship to value derived
  • A greater practical insight into what makes buyers buy and what makes them switch off
  • Techniques for not closing under the answer will be positive
  • Sales pitches that use the strength of the competition to win the order
  • Referrals coming through even when no sale is made
  • Higher levels of customer loyalty and retention
  • Creating not just profitable customers but raving fans
  • Improved account management skills and focus on longevity of a profitable client relationship
  • More meaningful sales forecasts – that don’t need to be taken with a large pinch of salt
Create a High Performance Sales Team by changing the way they think and act in sales situations – effective behaviour breeds success, and success is contagious and addictive

These are just a few of the changes and improvements you will see in your sales team after attending our workshops – fully designed for the sales person that wants to smash targets, build relationships and maximise profit.

Just to give you an insight into some of the subjects we cover:

  • 90 seconds to build strong rapport
  • 12 ways to build relationships with your prospects
  • 8 ways to build credibility with the prospects – before you speak with them
  • 10 ways to get the prospect listening to you
  • 4 different robust sales techniques
  • 12 different buyer types, 12 different sales styles
  • 5 ways to improve your active listening skills
  • 101 questions to help you close the deal
  • 10 signs that you should get your order form out
  • 5 ways to negotiate for a higher margin
  • 3 steps to kill the competition
  • 5 trial closes
  • 5 ways to ask for the order

This is just a very small selection of the units covered


You tell us more about your goals we will design a program that addresses all of your areas of concern

Our programs are:

  •  Fully tailored to your specific requirements
  • Delivered minimising any interruption to the ongoing sales effort
  • Totally practical and real life
  • Designed for longevity – no hit and run development

We work with your people and organisation to ensure the skills are embedded in a supportive environment for long-term success

Your team get a real focus on areas that will give your business maximum return in the shortest time.

That could mean filling your pipeline, increasing your profit or selling hard against your competitors. All things are possible.

Remember, your program is totally tailored to your market, your team, and your business goals.

And you can even include psychometric testing to assess motivation and speed of thought, as well as 121 coaching and accompanied sales visits.

Book now and you will see the difference in your sales team immediately:


We work with the individual as well as the employee. If there are any roadblocks preventing your team from seeing the benefits in striving for sales excellence then we can work on those too.

You find out if your team can really deliver.

This is one of the most robust sales development programs available in the UK today.

Contact us for more detail and to discuss how much you want to improve your sales teams performance by. You can contact me at any time – Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director at Morton Kyle Limited on or on 0779 002 1885.

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