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Road Map to Sales Success for the Professional Services Sector

Free Taster Sessions running in Sheffield on the following dates:

  • Are you in charge of business development for your firm?
  • Are you selling professional services?
  • Are you selling to other businesses?

Then you should join us on:

11th September – Lean Sales and Marketing Strategy – Creating a meaningful strategy for direct prospect impact.

19th September – Value Based Selling – Moving away from a model of time based selling to value based selling and pricing.

These events are open to business owners/managers/sales people who are seeking to improve their business profitability and sales performance and who work within the Professional Services Sector – Legal, Accountancy, Consultancy in a Business to Business Environment

Crammed full of ideas and strategies for developing existing markets, increasing the potency of current sales messages, developing new markets – low risk/high impact, and generating practical business development initiatives, as well as speeding up your sales efforts to produce bigger results faster…these workshops are excellent use of your time and are FREE.

This program is not suitable for every one, especially if your product or service is not currently able to offer anything more valuable than your competitors (this is a separate issue to please give us a call to discuss)

This program will be valuable to you if you are experiencing the following:

  • You feel that you and your business are the worlds best kept secret
  • You have trouble in maintaining a sufficient flow of good quality sales prospects into your company
  • You find your self contemplating lowering your prices to attract customers
  • You feel you are currently under charging for your services, yet can’t see how anyone could possibly pay you any more for what you are providing
  • You struggle to convert interested prospects to good quality profitable clients

You will gain benefit from the taster sessions if you or your sales team are looking for ways to increase your fees, increase billings, build your client bases, improve client relationships, improve sales performance, fill your sales pipeline with good quality prospects, built certainty into your sales efforts and remove inconsistency from your business and sales performance.

The free taster workshops will give you an insight in to how to address all of the above, however if you don’t have a truly convincing valuable service/product then the benefits you will receive from attending this program will be minimal.

To register to attend this program please email (or call on 0779 002 1885) to receive confirmation of your booking. Numbers are restricted and all places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

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