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Should You Fire The Top Management Team?

Read any of the academic papers on Change Management and Turnaround any you will see many advocate the removal of the top management team in any process requiring the turnaround of a failing organisation.

Well, that’s academics for you…what do they know?

Here is why you may want to think again:

Top management team can often have very restricted views of the world, their market and their firm. Especially true if they have only ever operated within a one industry, have come up through the ranks in one or two firms, have not networked widely outside of their own industry sphere. Such vision rarely leads them to be objective in deciding how to retain sustainable competitive advantage in during turbulent trading.

Their idea are formed by the information they hold, and so are their interpretations of that information. The boundaries to that information are often tight and rigid…not assisting in creative problem solving, innovation or entrepreneurial activity.

This may have made the firm a success in the first place, but is it sufficient to maintain success during changing or volatile market conditions, especially in today’s fast-paced world where information and knowledge become out dated and obsolete very quickly?

In such a situation, the Top Management Team become part of the problem and cease to play any part in the solution.

Unbiased information, knowledge, with an open mind and a willingness to think creatively before the need arises are key functions in Top Management Teams today.

To what degree is your Top Management Team hindering your company growth and success?

Carol Griffiths – Lead Consultant and Director

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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