Why Firms Don’t Pay Their Invoices – CFO Magazine

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CFO Magazine
Why Firms Don’t Pay Their Invoices
CFO Magazine
It’s not always the reason you think. Payment problems often originate at the vendor that is sending out the invoices. Kathleen Hoffelder Follow on Google.

Carol Griffiths‘s insight:

At least 40% of your sales and marketinf datbase is worthless. Do you know which 40%? I can help you find out – quickly and cheaply, and more importantly you need never chase bad business EVER again. carol@mortonkyle.com, 0779 002 1885, www.mortonkyle.com. You may wonder why I am including this article about CFO’s paying their invoices on a business development page…well here’s why. Let me ask you one question…at what point in your sales and business development process would you incorporate a check to see how credit worthy or financially stable your prospect organisation is? Pre the first engagement (outbound)? At the time of the first engagement (inbound)? Before the meeting atkes place? At proposal stage? When the contract comes in? When? Obvioulsy the longer you leave it along the sales process, the greater the finacial risk and the more time lost. Leaving it until the invoice is being chased is something I imagine few companies do these days…times are not what they were. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your sales team, reduce finacial risk and cheaply profile your entire sales and marketing database so se who you should be working with and who you should walk, or run, away from contact carol@mortonkyle.com www.mortonkyle.com. (This post applies to the UK only)

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