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Two Choices – Increase the Effectiveness of your Sales Budget or Your Sales Team?

Or you could pick both….

Yes – no catch here, your really could be in a position to get a bigger bang for your sales and marketing spend, and ensure your sales team increase their effectiveness beyond measure…simply by looking at how your team use their time and the data you provide them with.

Before you read any further – I should tell you – you can achieve these results immediately. Yes, immediately…no long term training program, no learn and do…it’s as simple as plug and play…

How much of your sales and marketing budget are you throwing away every single day?

Money wasted on chasing poor quality leads, calling them, mailing them, emailing…what’s it costing you?

Would you even begin to guess what proportion of your sales and marketing database is out of date, incompatible with the profile of your existing ideal client profile, can’t afford to buy what you are offering, not going to be around in 6 months, or simply just bad business partners?

Typically between 30 and 40% of your prospect sales and marketing database will fall into one of the above categories.

The skill is in knowing which 30-40%.

If you could remove that ‘dead’ proportion of your database several things would automatically happen:

1. your sales conversion rate would increase

2. the quality of sales presentations, quotes would increase

3. the quality of deals in your sales pipeline would increase

4. it is likely that your average order value would increase

5. you would have more time to devote to the type of business you really wanted to bring on board

6. your bad debts would reduce

7. your sales and marketing budget would go a lot further

What’s this cost?

Not as much as you might think…….for a free demonstration of how you can achieve all of the above AND how you can screen all of your future prospects to ensure they fit the profile of your ideal client, contact me on the details below.

And by the way – you also get details for every single one of your ideal potential clients – yes, a database containing every single new business development prospect you will ever need…and even better, it’s updated daily at no extra cost….

Carol Griffiths

0779 002 1885

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