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PROGRESS – The Benefits of a Robust Sales Dashboard

WE ARE PROGRAMMED TO BE MOTIVATED BY PROGRESS – WHEN WE MAKE PROGRESS WE ARE MOTIVATED TO PROGRESS FURTHER …HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR SALES TEAM MAKES PROGRESS? Surprisingly few people monitor their progress in a formal manner, fortunately for sales people, heaps of people are monitoring their progress on a minute my minute… Continue reading PROGRESS – The Benefits of a Robust Sales Dashboard

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Still Avoiding the Tough Conversation?

Ok, magic wand time….if you could insist that your sales team do just one thing to help them hit their sales targets, what would it be? Mine – very simply – I would insist they follow-up on sales quotes…. It seems very strange but I swear some sales people are truly scared of success, so… Continue reading Still Avoiding the Tough Conversation?

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Don’t Create Competitors – Create Wannabes

Creating sustainable competitive advantage has to be one of the key aims of any profitable organisations. Creating a product or service that – whatever the competitors attempt to do – will always remain the leader of the pack. Lots of time, money, effort, brain power and research goes into identifying key elements of the offering… Continue reading Don’t Create Competitors – Create Wannabes