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Still Avoiding the Tough Conversation?

Ok, magic wand time….if you could insist that your sales team do just one thing to help them hit their sales targets, what would it be?

Mine – very simply – I would insist they follow-up on sales quotes….

It seems very strange but I swear some sales people are truly scared of success, so scared that they are happier to have a prospect still listed as a potential deal on their pipeline than to actually make the call and get the contract signed….or have it fall out of their sales pipeline

Is it a fear that the potential deal is worth more than the final decision? do they think their pipeline will fall apart?

Is it that they simply think their role is to generate interest and if the prospect is happy then they will sign the contract of their own accord?

Either way – I have to confess I am truly confused…having done the hard work, why not progress to the final stage, rather than leave the prospect feeling stranded, potentially rejected, unimportant, and that his business is not wanted…

It may be the thrill of the chase that occupies the interest of many sales people, but the easiest way to get an order is to ask for it.


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