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Business Predictability in a Sales Turnaround

Yes predictability may have negative connotations in many instances, including business to a certain degree, I guess it depends on whether you are enjoying your current trading conditions or not.

As part of any sales turnaround, predictability is one of the key things to strive for – positive predictability.

Without going into the long version – businesses that find themselves in unfavourable trading conditions typically lack transparency, clarity and accountability, which leads to a situation of confusion and not knowing what to do to make a positive impact on business performance, profitability or outputs therefore increasing their speed of demise.

Having worked with many business owners, across a vast number of industry sectors I know how much those business owners now whole heartedly embrace and truly relish the opportunity to predict what will happen in their business.

They like the certainty, because with that certainty comes the ability to control and influence the direction of their business on a minute by minute basis. They run their business, they know what to do, they know the impact of what they will do, they can predict results and outputs, therefore they have certainty regarding the business forecast and the performance against budget BEFORE it happens.

This is very important to them as it allows them to change the results and outputs BEFORE they happen.

Some of my clients tell me it’s like having a crystal ball on their desk….

At the same time, they get to enjoy:

Closing deals faster – that means conversion rate is higher as competitors don’t have an opportunity to get lucky, this typically reduces the cost of sale/sales acquisition cost, which means they get increased profits to either pass on to clients or spend on increased marketing/advertising or product and service development…and most importantly, they have higher CSI’s (Customer Satisfaction Insight scores)

Can any company do this?

Of course – it’s a cohesive combination of finding a sales model and sales processes that work for you, your clients and your marketplace.

Making sure technology supports the process and that the mindset of the business leaders and the staff are congruent with business success, where everyone has an identifiable common goal to work towards.

In an environment where knowledge sharing is visible and practical and where there is a working and proactive relationship between buyers and sellers to such a degree that buying cycles and sales cycles are clearly mapped.

Sales Effectiveness Business Effectiveness > Faster, Profitable Results > Certainty and Predictability > Continued Profitable Trading

Once the basics are in place, many organisations will flourish quite quickly.

It is a painless process?

Rarely, however it is a liberating process for the business owner and directors as they regain their position in the driving seat and begin to enjoy the positives associated with overseeing a successful business

Carol Griffiths

Morton Kyle Limited


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