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8 Things That Organisations Forget When Measuring Sales Performance Metrics

I am a big fan of looking at the numbers in any sales team performance – not because the numbers tell me everything, they certainly don’t. However, the numbers do focus my attention on where to start, where I can help the company score the biggest sales wins in the shortest possible time.

Apart from the top line sales metrics and the financial breakdown, here are 8 things that many companies fail to measure and monitor:

1. The quality of the leads that are being fed into the sales pipeline

2. The quality and integrity of the process that moves the leads through the sales funnel

3. The universal company/team criteria that is used to support a prospect moving through the sales funnel

4. The sales process – what is done, when, by whom and why….and what the impact is at each staged action

5. The quality of the sales staff – the variance in their sales performance in relation to their intent, motive, motivation, skill level, reward mechanism, consequences and attention to detail

6. Feedback from the prospect during the sales process and feedback from the customer post sale

7. The quality of the sales management team

8. Why they are measuring what they are measuring, and how they are using the information

Just take a look at these as well as focusing on the key sales metrics that every other sales manager does.

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Just 7 Sales Metrics that let you know how your business is performing today, so you can have a better tomorrow
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Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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