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10 Tips for Lazy Sales Managers

Sometimes when running a Sales Team you need to have all the information and performance data at your fingertips on a very regular basis – maybe every 5 minutes depending on the size of the team and the industry you are involved in…and that’s great, you can do what you need to do as the sales leader to drive performance, change direction if it’s not going to plan, praise, motivate, coach, train, challenge and keep the energy high and the team focussed.

You are operating in a land of knowledge with a clear direction. Can your team say the same?

Think about a tough challenge you had recently – whether it was a physical challenge like running at a certain speed on the running machine, lifting a certain weight, or achieving a financial savings target….now think back to how often you checked on where you were compared to your target? How motivated were you by looking how far you had progressed? Did this fire you to keep on going?

I bet it did!

And that’s exactly the same when you are managing a sales team – keeping them informed of their performance can help them to manage themselves, putting them in control, which in turn will deliver a sense of ownership, control, increase engagement and reduce stress.

Here’s just a few things you can do as the Sales Manager to help your sales team succeed, achieve sales targets and enjoy their job.

1. Share ALL the sales metrics with your team – individually and as a group – nothing spurs on competition like being lower down the league table than you want – peer pressure at its most positive, every last detail. Don’t save all the info until the board meeting – share it with the sales staff

2. Provide your sales team with mean to track the effectiveness of their activities – even if it is as simple as setting their systems up so they can see when a prospect has opened and read their email, or deleted the email without reading, forwarded it.

3. Help them be more effective and more efficient by providing them with pre-checked, standardised template emails that have been carefully constructed and spell checked and with appropriate call to actions

4. Let the sales team see where their leads are coming from and what form of interaction the prospect has had with the company to date – possibly via the CRM system or a website report

5. Show the sales team their conversion rates on different types of leads – from website to call ins, emails to self sourced, and help them use this to predict what they will achieve today, this week, this month. Give the sales team this information and they can create some certainty in their sales forecasting, which helps everyone in the business.

6. Let them listen into calls of the top sales performers and also the worst performers – it’s important to know what to avoid doing as well as to know what they must do to succeed

7. Uncover the real information with the sales team – stuff that gets worked on by the accountants – share the KPI’s that get discussed at the board meetings, share the sales acquisition costs, the cost of their seat, the costs incurred by other parts of the business, let them know that they are what make the other parts of the business possible, let them see the direct relationship between their efforts, company growth, stability and security

8. Discuss with them the hard targets they need to achieve in order to progress their career and then let them go storming towards those targets

9. Show them what happens when you let them manage themselves

10. Give them direct access to all customer information – even that retained by other parts of the business, so they can see how their deals worked out 6 months later – good customer or not

To summarise – all of the above are about trusting the staff to want to do the best job they can, to allow them to motivate themselves to achieve the best results they can, to get the sales staff to start thinking like the sales manager, that way the business can grow, can have an open and collegiate customer centric team all driven by the same meaningful KPI’s

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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