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Key Sales Metrics to Watch – Make or Break

Some of the first things I look at in any sales team turn around are:

  • What is being measured?
  • How it is being measured?
  • Why it’s being measured?
  • How that information is being used?
  • Is this the most empirical reporting of this information – is it the most basic?
  • What gates are used in the sales reporting process?

6 simple questions that paint a very comprehensive picture of the sales team, the business and the focus of the current management team.

Get these cornerstones right and then it’s possible to see the exact nature of the turn around.

Typically I will see businesses at all points on the spectrum, some measure and monitor everything but can’t get control of the outputs, don’t know how to use the information they have, can’t decipher vital information from useless information, whilst other businesses are measuring very little and simply relying on the historical financial data to guide them.

I like a business that knows how much money it has made, or lost, broken down into the smallest chunks – maybe every 15 mins.

Any Sales Measurement or Sales KPI’s should be a good combination of a few choice metrics, with standardised processes and gates backing up those selected metrics. A sales measurement/sales KPI set can be relatively easy to set up, the challenge is in the execution, which again can be a relatively short process if everyone is onside.

Sales turn around is about directing activity to the outputs that matter and that have a direct impact on sales, which can be tough if the sales decline is fast, specific attention is not given to the sales function, there’s weak leadership in the senior management team or the company finds itself fighting too hard against the competitors and other market forces.

To find out what other sales metrics you really need to be measuring then please call us for a confidential chat.

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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