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Rant Alert – Sales 2.0

If I have to read another ‘thought leadership’ piece about how sales people within Sales 2.0 have to be authentic, genuine, non-manipulative, and avoid high pressure sales techniques, I am likely to do something for which my future self with be very ashamed….

Great, successful, professional sales people have ALWAYS operated in this way!! This is not new!!!

I do agree with much of the Sales 2.0 revolution, but please don’t make it sound as if all sales people before this time operated like market stall holders trying to shift decaying strawberries on a hot Saturday afternoon!!

Advocates of Sales 2.0 are decrying the traits of the sales people found in Sales 1.0 – the aggressive, money hungry, self serving, greedy sales people????? Excuse me, when did sales people with these characteristics ever succeed long term in a sales role? Life is not typically Hollywood/Wall Street…for the majority of sales people in a professional sales function in industry, trusted adviser is all they have ever been. Just go talk to a sales person who has been in sales for 10 plus years and see how ‘hit and run’ their sales style is…and while s/he is telling you notice how they naturally build rapport, notice their excellent communication skills, how they engage with you, how proud they are of the work they do with their clients, then notice how they leave you feeling….that’s what great sales looks and feels like

‘The sales cycle and the buying cycles are now more intertwined than they have ever been’ I read, but to professional and accomplished sales people that has always been the case. The same sales people have always challenged the customers thought process, have always engaged on a win-win partnership basis, have always worked collegiately and collaboratively with the prospect…This is not new!

What Sales 2.0 has meant is that the LAZY sales person can no longer hide…once the sales person is sat in front of the buyer then it is likely that the buyer is in decision making mode – the buyer will have already extracted all the information he needs from web research, he will have looked at all of the competitors, pricing, features, functions and benefits, he may well know was much as the sales person sat in front of him (if not more) and this is where the LAZY sales person dies a thousand deaths.

Be more informed than the prospect or get kicked out. Bring value to the conversation of get kicked out. Challenge the thinking of the buyer respectfully, intelligently and knowledgeably or get kicked out. Fail to demonstrate your value in the interaction or get kicked out. Fail to differentiate and articulate your proposition so that it makes sense for the buyer or get kicked out.

Are you a sales person or an order taker? Hint: the business world does not need order takers any more – we have an app for that!

The business world does not need information providers any more – we have a webpage for that!

The days of the generic sales pitch, the wing it and see, the sales pitch with no preparation/research, the meeting where you haven’t checked out what your competitors are doing this morning ….those opportunities, those types of sales meetings don’t exist any more…

LAZY sales people are being replaced  – by Google!!! Lazy Sales People – soon to be extinct!!!

I just want to let all the professional, accomplished, successful and proud sales people out there know that, so – Carry on and Stay Selling As You Are – you’re leading the way – STILL!!!!

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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