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Sales 2.0 – Catch Up or Get Caught Out

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As anyone who reads my blog regularly knows – I have a love hate relationship with the term Sales 2.0 – personally although it’s called Sales 2.0, I would rather it be called Sales and Marketing 2.0.

If we look at the basic definition of Marketing – taking your product/service to the prospect’s playgrounds and making some noise – then surely the biggest change in prospect engagement in recent times is the playgrounds we play in and how we play?

Anyway – lots of places you can get info on that.

Instead, today, I wanted to send out a gentle reminder that adopting the ‘new’ sales tools, sales techniques, sales and marketing playgrounds is a must since head in the sand will simply see you being lost in the crowd.

However, it’s not just financially investing in the new sales platforms, sales software, sales skills and new ways of working with sales prospects, sales pipelines and customers.

In every instances there needs to be a fundamental shift in the company sales culture to embrace such changes.

Any investment in the new ways of working and new approaches can not simply be financial, typically any new investments in hard or soft systems needs cultural back up, at both the sales team and sales leadership/management level, and definitely in the operational and reporting function.

Sales 2.0 (Sales and Marketing 2.0) is here to stay on a very practical level. Sales processes and sales reporting need to reflect this.

Why am I reminding you of this?

I was with a client last week who doesn’t report on incoming inquires – from any channel, twitter, LinkedIn, the website, referrals.

Primarily he looks at these opportunities as being ‘the icing on the cake…and I just concentrate on the cake’.

True the company has some very robust lead generation pathways, using the telephone and field sales staff, BUT all performance statistics are based on the performance of those teams, not including the incoming sales opportunities.

We are currently doing some analysis on the following:

  • Where the converted sales from the last 6 months originated from
  • Where the most profitable sales from the last 6 months came from
  • What the sales conversion rate is from inbound leads versus other channels
  • What the lead time is on inbound leads versus other channels

I think my client maybe seeing things slightly differently in about three weeks time, as we show him how different sales channels are performing versus cost and resources employed. This will allow him to very quickly accelerate his company growth and profitability.

Watch this space.

In the meantime consider the following; working within Sales 2.0 (Sales and Marketing 2.0) should be married with:

  • The appropriate skills being developed within the team – sales people/managers/unit leaders
  • Adherence to well documented sales processes, highly repeatable functions that are measured and monitored at specific gates, using agreed reporting standards
  • Close attention to key sales metrics and sales KPI’s
  • An understanding that the company is now open 24/7 in the customer/prospects eyes
  • Knowledge sharing is vital across business functions – centralised sharing of company information, details of customer/prospects interactions need to be stored and shared, real-time
  • Lone agents, the independent sales people must learn to function in an administrative capacity in order to help the company support the new way of working
  • Silo thinking/working/storing of information needs to be abolished and replaced by peer sharing/working with open and documented communication

For further information about how we can help you make the most of your current sales efforts and build your sales pipelines with highly qualified prospects that convert -just hit the link – Leads ++

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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