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Are YOU Making This Mistake?

In a sales turnaround there are lots of things that the client is lacking – typically the two most

important things being time and money, so as their Sales Change Manager making a fast, sustainable, big and positive impact is very important.

Not only does it get the management team and the sales team on side quickly, but it galvanises action, creates excitement and changes the business focus from failure to success, from worry to positive action and from fear to a solid sense that all things are possible.

Once that stage is crossed then I have to start looking at hearts and minds and how the sales story is being told, internally and externally.

Let me explain, a few years ago I worked with a major insurer where their sales team was failing to close a huge proportion of their leads….a few days listening to how they were selling, observing their actions, looking at processes and understanding the staff motivation, one thing became very clear.

The staff didn’t like the product, didn’t think it was any good, thought the competition had a better product, and because they were fighting price objections all day (hello – it’s an insurance product, primarily a grudge, commodity purchase) the staff all assumed that their product was too expensive and not worth it.

The gist of this is that someone had forgotten to make the first and most important sale of all.

Someone had forgotten that the most important sale is the sale that is made to the sales team. The sale to the sales team that makes sure that the sales team fall in love with the product – what it can do, how it does it and the benefits it brings.

Without this sell – no other sell is possible!!

As Sales Managers we need to serious look at how we sell the product to the staff, to engage the sales team and to give them reasons to be proud of how they were helping the prospects, how their product is the best fit, the best value, and the only sensible option.

As it turned out this insurance company was one of the only insurers at the time who offered a car replacement service….an easy win for anyone who just didn’t want to be stranded without a car for any reason – HINT – isn’t that all of us???

So – here are some questions you might want to ask your sales team to see how engaged they are with your offering, as well as giving you, the management team, an opportunity to remind everyone how awesome your products and services are:

  • Why are your customers buying from you?
  • How are you helping your prospects make the right decision and buy from your instead of your competitors?
  • Why should your prospects be buying from you and not from your competitors?
  • Why would a prospect select to do business with your firm as opposed to one of your competitors?

If the responses that come back indicate that the sales team wouldn’t be able to positively identify your sales offering from a line up then you may need to look at the logical and emotional connections your sales team have with the products and services as well as potentially looking at how their thoughts are being communicated internally and externally.

You might also want to read the very next blog I post…in about 10 minutes time!

If you would like to confidentially discuss any aspect of your sales or business activities that are impacting on your sales performance, then please contact me using the contact details below. Alternatively, join us on one of our open sales training days. Fully money back guarantee and I know you’ll love it.

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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