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10 Ways to Efficiently and Effectively Make More Sales (or How Not to Give Profit Away)

Converting More Leads to Sales - reducing waste in the sales process saves time and money
Converting More Leads to Sales – the fastest way to boost sales results and turnover

Is everyone in your business ready to make the most of the sales opportunities?

10 things the whole business should be doing to generate more, high quality sales leads and close more deals at a higher profit.

1. Make sure your product or service brings value to your buyer group. If it doesn’t – you have a few choices, but mainly you have two. Find another buyer group that will see higher levels of value in your offering or change your offering. That does not mean discount – instead get closer to your buyers and understand what they like, dislike about your product, what it does, how it does it, what they wish it could do…and then get to creating it. Give the buyer what they want and price becomes a secondary issue.

2. Get sales and marketing are talking – there is a very valuable feedback loop there that needs to be reviewed on a very regular basis – one can’t work well without the other

3. Look at your CRM and the touch points that your business has with the prospect as they move through the sales funnel – are you using all the customer/prospect touch points you can, are you using them intelligently and are you measuring the impact of those touch points? You should be

4. If you don’t already have an interactive section on your web page – get one. Or start a blog – start interacting informally and formally with your population – open the dialogue with your industry, buyers, commentators, competitors, partners, prospects and customers – get vocal – talk and listen, get in the buyer’s playgrounds and make some appropriate noise

5. Learn to use business intelligence – to monitor what’s happening in the industry, your competitors, your market segments and your own firm. Sitting still is not an option – you are either moving forwards or slipping backwards. Stay alert and stay ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges today. Competitive Agility – you need it to stay ahead, and ring-fence your profits.

6. Use the business intelligence tools and data to further refine all of your lead generation, prospecting and new business development initiatives – but most importantly make sure every one knows what the perfect sales prospect looks like and how they should be treated, how to find them and how to attract them, then do the same for nearly perfect prospects. That way your sales team know what they are looking for and can spot it and deal with it appropriately when they see it.

7. Use technology to help not hinder – make sure people are trained in al aspects of technology so that the technology is used powerfully and with a higher level of potency and ROI – and measure it!

8. Look at what you are measuring and why – of all business KPI’s and measurements you take, continually ask ‘Is the activity that drives this number helping to get additional clients and additional revenue?’

9. Make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction – revamp the mission statement, refocus on the company goals, let the whole company see the accounts – whatever you do make sure the business goal is common to everyone in the business, and that the rewards for everyone are directly attached to the business goals – strategic and reward alignment fosters open and collegiate engagement and communication

10. Put the customer at the centre of the business and create exceptional value – such value that the competition won’t stand a chance and really won’t be able to compete. Think that’s beyond you and your business? You’d be surprised at how little it takes in some industry sectors to actually make a huge difference to how a Buyer perceives the level of value they derive from working with you.

Happy Selling

Carol Griffiths – Director and Lead Consultant

Morton Kyle Limited

0779 002 1885

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