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Rehearse My Sales Pitch? No…I Know What I’m Doing…

Marlon Brando refused to learn his lines. As Sky Masterson in ‘Guys and Dolls’ he infuriated Frank Sinatra to such a degree that, if rumour is to be believed, they only ever spoke with each other through intermediaries.

Brando said he thought that the audience didn’t deserve a canned performance, the audience deserved to see him grappling for the next line, such that his performance had profound gravitas, a reality missing from overly rehearsed lines…he claimed.

It’s a tough one to call as a sales person – what do you do? Rehearse your sales pitch so you’re perfectly prepared or have the gist of it in your head, know the touch points but pretty much wing it on the day?

You’ll know exactly which camp you are in….

You will each have your different views of what works best for you.

Here’s what I’ve found works best for those looking to dramatically improve their performance – and I mean the sales guys who are consistently hitting target yet still want that extra 1-2% improvement every quarter so they know they are untouchable.

Here’s four things they do:

They find a pitch that works for them – and then they rehearse it. They rehearse it so well that you would never ever think that it was rehearsed…yes, they are that good.

Professional, polished, considered and considerate, they understand that for a pitch to work very well it shouldn’t be a pitch at all…they internalise it to such a degree that it’s totally natural and can be delivered as a considered proposition.

Next, they test it. They move the order of it around, they change some of the key words, they reconfigure how they present their offering, they test how the prospect reacts to the changes, they monitor what impact the changes have on their order values, conversion rates, length of sales cycles and margins.

Then, they rehearse their new refined pitch some more, so that this too becomes so well rehearsed it’s natural to them, and the prospect hears it as professional, fresh and profound.

Then they repeat the cycle again and again, further refining, further improving, further enhancing their skill and delivery and content until they are seeing the sort of growth they need. You see, the best rehearsed pitch looks and feels totally effortless, the seller is engaged and at ease, no grappling for the next line, or thinking his way through the quagmire of information during the pitch.

The best rehearsed pitch allows the seller to focus completely on the buyer and the buyer only – and that alone is very powerful.

The best rehearsed pitch will have been rehearsed many handfuls of times, not just for 5 minutes as a skim read in the car park.

The rehearsed pitch will be crafted using all the skills available to the sales person – the power of persuasive wording, the use of social triggers, the pain/pleasure principle, blue sky creation, reciprocity, scarcity, economy modelling, specificity, contrast, competitive anticipation and many more techniques that will singularly and collectively determine what the sales person will earn that year.

Maybe these factors could determine what you earn this year?

Worth more than a 5 minute skim read in the car park then?

To find out how you can perfect your sales pitch and build your perfect revenue generator, join us on our next sales workshop – Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics – two days to totally change your sales performance, showing you how to increase your close rate, increase margins, handle buying objections and of course, perfect your sales pitch. If you are in sales and really need to explore how great your earnings really could be by concentrating on your sales pitch, its content, delivery and construct, then come and join us.

There are sales commissions out there with your name on it – if only you knew how to claim them.

For more details – follow this link

Happy Selling


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