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The ONE Sales Question You Must Ask

If your sales team aren’t closing the business they should, then it most likely means they’ve failed to ‘open’ correctly.

One of the key questions that every sales person should ask of the buyer is this:

What stage are you at?

This is vital: without this, the conversation may have meaning and relevance, but  no context.

Asking this question also allows the buyer to share their very valuable and important insights with the sales person.

Without the information from this question, your sales people will waste valuable time, the forecast will lack good judgement and even worse, the prospect is likely to be mismanaged because he’s in the wrong part of the sales funnel…

It’s a very important question in current times since prospects can go from static observer to engaged prospects in 30 minutes, or less.

You need to know in detail why the prospect is having the conversation with you NOW, and not yesterday nor tomorrow. Why today?

Avoiding this question and you can see how sales are lost, time is wasted, and sales forecasts fall apart….

Join us on Being Brilliant at the Sales Basics – details here – to learn EXACTLY how to construct your perfect sales call – opening and closing.

Happy Selling


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