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Don’t Be a Sales Tease

You get the appointment. You get in front of the decision maker, you produce the best pitch of your sales life, you get the prospect nodding in all the right places, the time is coming where you are going to ask for the business…and you bottle it.

What you do instead is promise to send the quote across and call him in two days to gain his thoughts. You can see by the look on the prospects face – he knows you bottled it, and he knows that you know you bottled it.

This is not good! What happened?

I know you will kick yourself as you walk to the car promising never every to do that again…but didn’t you say that last time?

What you have just proved is that you are a great information provider but not a great closer…and that’s a shame because it’s a very easy and short journey to move from the former to the later, after all, you’ve done all the hard work.

First off I need you to know this one thing – Rejection Won’t Kill You.

See – now you know that nothing life threatening is involved, take a deep breath and read on.

Here’s the second thing you need to know – The Prospect is Expecting You to Close the Sale at the end of the call

And when you don’t that leaves the prospect confused, doubting their own judgement, understanding and wondering why the hell they’ve just wasted the last hour with you…and you think you’re going to pull that around with a nicely worded quote and a quick call to get a yes?

You won’t! You see, you’ve just declared to the prospect that you don’t believe in

1. your product

2. your company

3. yourself

Even if you thought the prospect was good to go and highly receptive during the pitch, your inability to ask the most important and relevant question at the time when it was needed and expected has just blown that sky high…chance of getting a sale now? Nowhere near as high as it was.

You really do need to be prepared to close during your pitch, and here’s why

1. It puts the buyer in a position of having to think seriously about your sales proposition – this means you are in a sales call and not an information giving session, and your buyer knows where you are and it’s exactly where he expects you to be, he’s there too – see, you’re both on the same page now

2. This is your buyers opportunity to express their concerns – some people may say that the real selling doesn’t even begin until you’ve made your first close – that may be true in as much as this is probably the first opportunity you get to explore the buyers considered and distilled concerns

3. If you don’t close the buyer is still in information mode – therefore is likely to take the information you have given him and go back out to the market for more information. That’s as simple as turning to Google before you’ve even got out of the car park. In fact, he could have bought what you were offering off another provider before you even get back to the office to send your quote.

4. The professional buyer will have some basic questions and concerns, and he will want someone to discuss those  questions and concerns with. That’s you! If your buyer answers your close with mundane and typical fact-finding questions – then you know they are semi-cold towards the thought of buying from you. If they use the close to start asking for specific questions – order volumes, turnaround times, then you can guess you are a lot nearer the sale than when you walked through the door….you can react and manage the call accordingly

5. The buyer might say yes! Job done…get the paperwork sorted

6. The buyer might say no – that’s OK, that’s a perfectly acceptable response, and if you’ve structured your sales call as a professional sales person should then you can explore and expand his concerns until they are resolved, worked around or accepted as fact and not impression.

7. It’s a gate you must go through – your chances of success are far higher if you ask the question whilst the buyer is sat in front of you

Hope that helps you to swallow your fear and ask for the business…

Here’s one more point…you can get your first close in at the very beginning of the call

Hi Mr Buyer, thank you for talking the time to see me…I understand you are looking to purchase XYZ for your business, is that still the case? YES (else why else would he have you sat there)

Mr Buyer – just so I can manage your expectations on your XYZ purchase, can you let me know your ideal start/delivery date if we can meet your needs here today?

Bother generic questions that you may need to reconfigure slightly for your industry/client type.

Simple innocuous questions asked at the beginning and fairly early on in the meeting that give you an opportunity to get your bearings and gives the buyer an opportunity to understand that you will be asking for a sale at the end.

If you want to gain more insights into how to sell professionally and consistently hit your sales targets contact us about our monthly Sales Workshops

Happy Selling


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