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Are You Aiming to Fail?

Sales change and sales transformation is a huge area of expertise, and this is neither the time nor the place to explore every bit of it.

Visiting a client last week to review progress and plan for the next three months, my client commented on how it’s not taken as much time or effort as he thought it would to make some fairly remarkable jumps in performance.

And he’s right.

The key to fast and sustainable sales change and transformation is this:

  • Concentrate ONLY on those things that make a difference to the profit and bottom line – don’t try to change everything at once
  • Make the changes you need to make by involving as few people as possible – key stakeholders that are onside can achieve far more than bigger groups of people with different agendas
  • Don’t have more than one key change on the boil at the same time – focus brings results
  • Have dated goal posts for everything – with agreed targets – know what success looks like before you start
  • Make key players accountable for specific and select goals and targets
  • Plan – too many firms jump into change management and transformation plans without thinking about the consequences and subsequently create as many problems as they solve
  • Learn to roll your thinking forward in monthly chunks ON PAPER before you start any formal business changes…that way you can also be avoiding/solving tomorrows problems today – making your change process quicker and leaner.

Speed is the key, as is specific and targeted focus, and moving forward with the stake holders who are onside.


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