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Increasing Sales – Over 100 Ways To Improve Sales Results!

Increasing Sales - Lead Quality and Lead Quantity are keep to increasing sales
Increasing Sales – How to Generate More High Quality Leads

Increasing Sales – More Than Just a Pipe Dream

Do you know there are over 100 factors that determine your sales results and the profitability of your business.

That’s right – over 100.

That means there are at least 100 opportunities that you have to increase your sales results and improve your profitability as a business.

100 plus opportunities to increase your bottom line, to increase profits, to move from loss into profit, and to increase your firm’s value.

Increasing Sales – Let me give you a few more details:

Of those 100 plus opportunities that you have to increase sales and create additional profit in your business then:

Over 35 are specifically related to the ‘conversion‘ part of your sales process

Over 20  are associated with the lead generation process

Over 25  have a direct impact on the number of transactions that your customers undertake with your business

Over 20 relate specifically to margin management



Now, you might be thinking that tackling all 100 plus factors is too big a job…and you’d be right.

Increasing Sales – How Many More Sales Leads Can You Handle?

I like the idea of ‘easy wins’ and one of the easiest wins in terms of increasing sales results is to focus on the quantity and quality of the leads going into the sales pipeline.

After all – poor quality leads never give good quality business…

So if you’re looking at ways of increasing sales in your business, then what would it do to your current business performance if you could generate high quality leads on every sales call, could cross sell, up sell every single sales call?

The question then becomes, how many new sales leads can you handle?

Quite a different problem don’t you think?


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Happy Selling


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