Just Because You’re Growing Doesn’t Mean You’re Winning…

Think about any of the major  breakthroughs, whether it’s the Roger Bannister 4-minute mile or the highest valued share on any one day….we all remember the winner, we rarely, if ever, recall the other performers on the day.

It’s all about winning, being the best, making it happen.

Although, who could decry the efforts of the others in the race, those that ran their personal best time, smashed through their own personal performance barrier? You couldn’t, could you? Just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean they didn’t run the race of their life.

Neither can you ignore the rising stars on the stock market, today’s ‘one to watch’ , they also achieved their personal highest stock value today, it just wasn’t the highest of all the stock.

You see, in some races, you race to win against yourself. Those races are fine, noble and admirable, but business isn’t like that.

In business having a great day, your best week ever, your best month, your best quarter, even your best year is a tough thing to achieve and a major cause for celebration…but you might want to think about what the other guys in your race are doing and what they’re achieving.

Your business may well be enjoying the best results ever, but if your competitors are having even better results, then even though you’re growing, your business is still at risk if they use their growth to capture the market from under you. Some gaps are tough to close once they open up and the bigger player gains some momentum.

So, growth is good, but know your place in the race….and when you know that, you can decide how to make your business the winner…before your business becomes just another competitor that no-one remembers in a race you could have won.



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