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104% – 320% Increase in Profits Due To One Factor…

Earlier this week I posted about how to recruit Sales Performers, so it’s only right to close the loop and look at how you keep these sales super stars once you’ve recruited then to your business.

Why is this so important? Every single piece of research that has been completed across many industries, and many millions of employees have all concluded that the single greatest factor that impacts on a business’ long term success, profitability and customer satisfaction is that of highly engaged people.

In a nut shell – happy people = happy customers. Conclusively and without doubt!

How much impact can ‘happy employees’ have on your profit?

The research figures vary but the range is between a 104%-320% increase in profit due to having happy staff.

So if that’s not enough to convince you to take care of your employee, well, I don’t know what will.

Plus – take care of your high performers even more, since they are likely to be contributing the most to that 104-320% increase in profits you’d like to see.

Here’s a few more things to think about when considering how to create and support happy staff:

I could talk to you about ‘culture’ but you know all that – you will have seen the same articles I have about how culture eats strategy for breakfast and other such insights – not knocking it, but I like to paraphrase it…‘It comes from the top and it rolls downhill….’ Anyone who has worked in a company with a culture they could define, knows how true this is and how it can make work and going to work a pain or a pleasure. Nuff said!!

Give your staff power. Power to make decisions, power to get the job done, power to manage themselves to deliver, power to resolve customer issues…too many management steps and gates to go through will kill the initiative, spark and fervour of someone who genuinely wants to a great job. Let off the shackles, trust your staff and see what happens…you may be surprised

Transparency – tell them everything, tell them the truth and do it often. There is no such thing as over communication in business. In fact, quite the reverse, it’s lack of open, honest and transparent communication that causes the rifts, the them and us, and the culture of secrecy, protectionism and blame.

Accountability – with transparency comes accountability…

Respect – I’m not going to detail here what that means and how you do it. You know as a business leader how you’re interacting with a colleague or employee, are you acting with integrity? Are you fair? Are you open and non-judgemental? Are you on their team, and are they on yours? You know if it’s respectful or not. If in doubt, get a 360 company wide evaluation done and you can find out for sure

Meaning – give your team meaning. You can’t imagine the number of people I have seen leave good jobs, with great organisations because they felt their role didn’t have meaning any more. The role had ceased to have meaning, held no challenges, was stagnating, boring, their potential was unfulfilled. Remember, success breed success, motivation breed motivation, progress breed progress…if there is no sense of moving forward them don’t expect staff to stay and if they do stay, don’t expect them to be happy.

Quick reminder here – the business may measure its success by profits, the managers may measure their success by power, your employees will measure their success by purpose and progress towards that purpose.

Fun – you know how to have fun don’t you?

Happy staff require appreciation and an opportunity to shine.

Need some more proof as to why you should invest in your staff and give them a culture and an environment to shine so they can do their best for your customers and prospect?

How about this – Happy, productive staff attract happy, productive staff…you become the local talent magnet…see, it’s not about paying the highest salary in all instances, it’s a complex mix, but don’t fall into the gap of thinking great money will cause talented people to work in a hell hole of your creation, and be happy shining beacons of goodness for your customers – you know that won’t happen…and you’d be a fool to think it will.

And even better great news – unless I’m mistaken, nothing about what I detailed above will cost you any money…you’re all going to spend a lot of time working together – why not just make it really easy for everyone to be happy at work?

Now, there’s a thought.


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