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Changing the Rules of Engagement – Will You?

When was the last time you really thought about your ideal customer and how to attract them?
What sort of customers are you attracting? Are they the type of customers you want?

Why do some people continue to play a game when they know the chances of winning are stacked against them?

Well, I guess, it could be because they want to improve their game, for example. I love swimming but I’m never going to win any kind of medal for it. I have friends who love golf, practice like crazy, but they know that the winning podium is a long way off.

But today, I’m thinking more about the game of business, and I guess the game of life.

Why play the game you’re not going to win? A game that’s designed for you to modify your behaviour to such a degree that the other party is guaranteed to win.

At the end of last year I spoke with a new contact who is just breaking even in his business, and he’s running a very efficient business. But still – working very hard for not much profit, and he can’t see how it can change.

Long story short…the bulk of his business is coming to him via tender. He knows, or suspects, that it’s the cheapest price on the day that wins the business. And that’s how he responds to tenders.

I’m suspecting that’s how everyone responds to tenders.

It’s what tenders were invented for. The rules were designed to benefit one party and bring about certain behaviours in the respondents. We know that.

After that, well, it’s a choice then. To play by the rules…or not.

Tenders aren’t bad things. That’s not the point. The point is that someone else sets the rules in their favour…not your favour. Yet you still play the game.

The question is, what other games are you playing where the rules aren’t in your favour either?

AND How many games are you in where you are SETTING the rules so that you win?

My challenge for every business I work with this year is this.

If you had to rewrite the rules of engagement in your favour of your business, so that you brought about the most desired behaviour in your prospects and customers…what would you do?

To your success….


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