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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Context is everything in sales
Asking great sales based questions is only one stage in the sales process

It seems that sales people can often spend more time selling the price of the solution than selling the solution itself.

One way to prevent this happening is to ensure that the prospect fully understands the long terms costs associated with them NOT buying your solution.

Only when the prospect fully understands the costs they will incur by not solving their problem today by using the solution your sales team suggest, can they fully commit to realising the relatively small fee, by comparison, that you are asking for.

Putting the price in front of the prospect is easy. Putting the price in context is the part where some sales people struggle.

Great questions are a must. Everyone knows that.

Balancing the questions versus responding to the answers one by one is where sales pitches can crumble and simply become information exchange sessions.

Helping the sales team to build the context of the solution and the cost of doing nothing is vital if the business wishes to increase prices, profit and sales close rates.

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